…smelling the roses on the way through the Author’s writing garden…

roses 2

…every now and then wee lights of epiphany go on in yer head, whether or not that’s as a writer or sum’thing else yeez pursue… but for this ol’ Scots Jurassic the realisation keeps blinking away at me that the past eight years of ‘being an Author’ has brought more satisfaction over a sustained period than almost anything else I’ve ever done… when scribbling my first literary masterpiece, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY, and I reached the magic WURDS most writers seek, ‘THE END’, the sense of euphoria was amazing… the pink cloud descended and carried me up and away, and I didn’t come down for a long, long time… in fact, I’m not sure I ever disembarked completely… along came VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK, and behold and lo, the sensation revisited… it’s like an addiction… a beautiful, non-self-harming addiction… the third and fourth in the series, SAVAGE PAYBACK and KILLER CITY rolled off the printer in succeeding years… and again I quaffed heavily from the Gratification Goblet… now, here’s the gradual change that’s currently taking place with the fifth novel, work-in-progress, DEADLY IMPASSE— this time around, I’m in no rush to get to ‘THE END’… why?… coz, along the way I’ve come to derive (almost) equally great pleasure in crafting the chapters… sculpting the phrases… seed-planting the lines that lead later on to the reader saying ’Oh, yes!… I know where THAT bit came from’… and I constantly surprise myself when I reread some of the narrative… literary narcissism? … p’raps… I prefer to consider it as taking care and pride in trying to produce a WURK quality that I would be delighted to find in others’ books… I have to be careful of the undoubtedly ego-boosting comments from folk who’ve been kind enuff to read some of my stuff already, when they say they can’t wait for the next book… these days I don’t want to botch things up by being too anxious to get finished… it’s my new grail… smelling the roses on the way through the Author’s writing garden…

roses 1



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5 responses to “…smelling the roses on the way through the Author’s writing garden…

  1. I love Roses and the smell of a finished masterpiece. 😀 The first published novel will always be your baby but it’s exciting to look back and see how their siblings have progressed. Nice one Seumas. x

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  2. OMG, Jurassic, is this the onset of wisdom?

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  3. I’m sure no one doubts you’ll succeed once more, Seumas. Happy writing! 🙂 — Suzanne


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