…Authors …there be lies, damn lies, statistics and Amazon book review numbers…

…those of yeez who have graced this blog with yer readership over the last few years will know I like to keep tabs on some of the things I believe an author, self-published or otherwise, should be aware of… for we scribblers, reviews are as lifeblood… sum’times precious, sum’times soul-destroying, sum’times illuminating, sum’times damning, often constructive… but let me warn yeez, they are never, never, never totally accurate…  there be lies, damn lies, statistics and Amazon book review numbers… be that as it may, over the last eight years or so, my four titles of the Jack Calder crime thriller series currently with the Great God Amazon have performed thus in review terms :


…the summary covers all of the titles’ reviews from the Amazon pages since day one of publishing on there…

…I’ve only tracked the four principal markets, Amazon UK, USA, Canada and Australia, although a smattering of downloads has been seen in every Amazon market except Mexico and Brazil…

…with no false modesty, I’m quite surprised at how high the level of ratings has been maintained, but bearing in mind the reality check that most people with negative opinions or ‘bad’ reviews seldom bother to post these… and I recall with great glee when I received a lowly 2-star (out of 5-stars) from some guy, I checked the only other review he’d posted was for John Grisham  and he gave him only 1-star out of 5, so a caution… treat ALL reviews with a pinch of salt… the best measure of reviews is the sales sheet… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!





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5 responses to “…Authors …there be lies, damn lies, statistics and Amazon book review numbers…

  1. Yep, a grain of salt for sanity. Amazon has certainky changed the landscape for authors


  2. I guess that you or anyone else who got a lower rating from that reviewer is in good company if John Grisham is among you. That is hilarious, Seumas. 😀 — Suzanne


  3. Reblogged this on Writer's Treasure Chest and commented:
    GREAT advice from Seumach Gallacher on Amazon, new authors, statistics, lies and a few more interesting numbers. Thanks so much Seumach for all your advice!


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