…meeaioow and forever… always been a cat man, me… but it has its downsides…



…at different stages in my life, I have been owned by cats… Siamese cats to be more specific… there’s a certain elegance to these creatures… and not just a little bit of egotistical hubris… try as you may, it’s impossible to have a cat fetch yer slippers or nip down to the corner shop and retrieve yer morning newspaper… be that as it may, I continued to allow myself to be bound in servitude to these feline masters… in London, in London again, and in Hong Kong, the relationships, man/cat,  purred along nicely… the cohabitation followed the usual ROOLs… the feline(s) demanded, the servile HOOMAN complied… that’s how cat/people linkages operate… ask emb’dy who’s ever been associated with one… and by the way, feeding the notion many of my acquaintances harbour that this ol‘ Jurassic indulges more than his fair share of eccentricity, were the names I gave the cats… variously, there was ‘Fido’… then there was  ‘Pencil’… and in Hong Kong, there were the twins, ‘Brainy’ and ‘Bonkers’ (who’ve featured before on this ’ere blog.)… when the transfer from London to Hong Kong came along in 1980, the sad decision was made to let Pencil (for he it was in Cat Residence at that time) go to another good home… most of yeez know I’m a supposedly tough kinda slum dog from Docklands Govan in Glasgow, but letting Pencil go nearly broke my heart, and it darned near came so close to reconsidering the plans to migrate… in the end common sense prevailed, and I put Pencil into the cat basket…


…and no prizes for guessing how many futile attempts  that took until the critter was locked inside the basket… then.. oh Lawdy… then… the wailing begun (no, Mabel, not from the cat, from me!), the pitiful meeewing… and as I picked up the basket, one wee black and white furry paw came sticking out a few inches, accompanied by an indignant cat noise, the animal’s version of, why are yeez doing this to me???’... I still have throwback teary bouts of remembrance of the whole sad episode… so be warned, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… meeaioow and forever… always been a cat man, me… but it has its downsides… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!...



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16 responses to “…meeaioow and forever… always been a cat man, me… but it has its downsides…

  1. First one died, couldn’t take another for years and years. Everything changed the 29th October 2005. Since this day, I’m servant to a siamese mix with the name of Ausone.

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  2. HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!!!! Hope it haunts you! Love cats. Always had them. Current incarnation a Tortie/Siamese cross from cat rescue. Totally daft and demanding. Tends to chat to Ausone (see comment above) on his blog.

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  3. I became a reluctant cat servant when our daughter demanded a kitten nine years ago upon the arrival of Mindy and her daughter (then the said kitten) Suzie (nicknamed Greedy and Stupid). I say reluctantly because I’d never had cats, have always been more of a dog person, besides being allergic to cats. Now, I live on antihistamines in order to house-share with them and am now head servant, my daughter having lost interest when Suzie ceased being a kitten (usually my lot in life, having previously been head carer of other assorted small animals and the sneezing head cleaner of the rabbit hutch) Now, amid hubby’s threats of giving them away or dumping them in the canal, our cats continue to subject me to their distain or undivided attention depending on my performance or their requirements. Such is our lot in life…

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  4. I knew there was more about you that I liked than just your kilt and your writing! 😉

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  5. I’m a cat woman! With a none cat husband.. sigh!! Never had a siamese though!

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  6. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Though I’ve never had a cat, I get you… some animals sometimes are more lovely than persons. Nothing to have with cats or dogs, but years ago I had a budgerigar that it (he) could say more than 20 words!!!!!! belive me!!!!!

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  7. Awww… I’m sharin’ this, for sure.


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  8. I understand, Seumas. I’d raised my daughter’s cat from kitten to half grown. We moved and I found out after we’d rented a house that the owner didn’t allow pets. I cried and cried then took the cat to the vets for an exam. The vet said she could find a good home for her. She found a foster parent who brought the cat back to the vets in a week for our farewells before she was given a permanent home. A friend of my son’s said he’d seen a cat like that in his upscale neighborhood. It seems the cat bettered herself socially by the move. 😀 — Suzanne

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