…a severe attack of the immobile phone…

…I s’pose it’s a bit like opening a packet of peanuts and eating just one… or a bag of potato crisps and picking out only a single bit to crunch… telling yerself, ‘I have no addiction to such things… I can exercise my extreme willpower at any time over compulsive behaviour’… well, here’s one for yeez… leave the house to go out to dinner… twenty minutes later, sitting at the table in the restaurant, eyeballing the menu and yeez reach into yer pocket for yer mobile phone… and realise it’s still back at home… I don’t know how emb’dy else reacts in that circumstance, but I now understand how it impacts this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler… utter and immediate, total panic!… a severe attack of the immobile phone… Master Gallacher’s experience yesterday evening was a mind opener… it’s not as if I get a hundred calls every coupla minutes from doting readers, nor updates from a non-existent publishing house mogul wondering when my next wee masterpiece’ll be ready for them… neither is the trickle of emails on the device hardly a gushing torrent at any given moment… but the thing is this… I didn’t know if there were any communications or not…


…welcome, truly welcome, to the WURLD of instant gratification and the need to be continually ‘plugged in’… the ‘pleasures’ of checking every five minutes to see if the blank screen will deliver whatever trivia the universe sees fit to throw at yeez… I have a wristwatch, and a fine, reliable, always accurate timepiece at that… but where do I look when I wanna see what time it is?… yup, the mobile phone… in my case, the ancient but still breathing Blackberry… I also use the thing as an alarm clock… and guess what?… invariably during the night, if I waken, my first reaction is to press the button that lights it up… and check (again) if I switched the ‘on’ feature for the bluudy alarm… I will not be ROOLed by my mobile… I will not be ROOLed by my mobile… I will not be ROOLed  by… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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23 responses to “…a severe attack of the immobile phone…

  1. I wish I did have a wrist watch. I used to but it stopped working and I now use my mobile phone. I would miss it if I went out without it. even though about the only calls I get on it are from the bank. My daughter, forgetting the time differnence, usually sends texts about 4 am or calls me on my landline. Why the landline I’ve never asked. Habit I’d guess. My son, an economical person, emails as it’s free so he doesn’t have to buy phone cards for international calls. I call him as I have international calling on my mobile. I don’t know why I’d miss it but I would. I also can’t eat just one peanut or crisp. 😀 — Suzanne

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  2. I must confess to never have been too enamoured by mobiles. I have mine on do not disturb these days as otherwise I find it too distracting, but that’s different from not having it there… It’s always what you might be missing

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  3. I recently left mine behind on holidays, but the Irish Hotel staff sent it on to me in Germany. Amazing! It’s so convenient having a mobile phone, athough I don’t really use it too much.

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  4. Rosa Ave Fénix

    Hahaha… really you’re an adicted to that gadget!!!!! but not only you… all the people have the mobile as if it were part of their hand… travelling by metro all the faces are looking at it and sometimes you’re walking and if you’re not looking ahead, suddenly and if you don’t swerve… zasssssssss. I need it, but as I’m not so popular as you I just click on it for a call or whatsapp…
    Luv Yeez…

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  5. My phone is so ancient I might as well not have it…always stunned by the rest of my family who have iPhone 6s and such…usually I manage to do something dreadful to them whenever I borrow them. BRING BACK 2 TINS & STRING!

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  6. I have one but hate talking on the phone. It’s only there if I need it–last minute things or emergencies. I receive no calls and have made ONE in the last year. Thought I’d left it at home and was instantly bereft . What if I need to make a call? o_O 😀 😀

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  7. I went down the village the other day and left my phone at home – by accident. I got down the road and realised I didn’t have it. Then the debate – should I go back to get it? No, I decided, I couldn’t be bothered to walk back to get it, I could live without it for a while. But as I was walking to various shops I kept thinking ‘what if Tony (husband) or Rachel (daughter) wants me to get something? They will call and hear it ringing on the table where I left it! I survived the outing but I try hard never to be without it, although I don’t walk around with it in my hand. There have been times when I’ve called hubby or sent him a message, only to be told afterwards ‘oh I left it in the car/home/on silent’. What’s the use in that?

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  8. I don’t have anything but a dumb phone. 😉 The only reason I have a cell phone is for our winters around here. I hate the thought of being stuck in the snow. I also have it for when the husband is in the hospital so he can call when he needs to. Otherwise, it sits on a counter, very rarely used or even turned on. I is poor, I can not afford a fancy phone nor to use it all the time. ha!

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  9. I feel naked without my phone and if I open a packet of nuts or crisps they’re all gone in a few minutes of frenzied feeding! 😉

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  10. Reblogged this on Joy Lennick and commented:
    ‘Coz we’re older than you – me n ‘im – we can smugly say we are immune from the deep bite of the terrible terror known as the…dum de dum dum… mobile phone. Recently bought a new one and have hardly used it!! When I get used to the b.thing, I’ll probably get just as hooked. Such is life. (Loved your piece, Seumas.) xx

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