…Authors… when the trolls try to trip yer wires…

…one of the saddest features of human nature is that no matter how well sumb’dy achieves, in whatever walk of life, there’s always at least that ONE nutter who wants to carp… to rain on sumb’dy else’s parade… on Facebook today, an authoress friend of mine, an excellent scribbler, shared how one such Neanderthal tried to belittle her writing achievements… underpinning most of such throwaway punches isΒ Β jealousy, plain and simple…


…happily, the comments stream from other pals on Facebook was of the typically fabulous support from the great global writers’ diaspora… I well recall in the early days of Master Gallacher‘s foray into the heady WURLD of Auntie Amazon Kindle when the first negative commentary for one of my titles hit my review pages… it felt like a dagger through the heart (yes, Mabel, even we crusty auld Scots Jurassic writers have a heart in there sum’where)… after my initial reaction of retreating to the depths of self-doubting despair, I checked out the critic’s other reviews… he had given me a lowly TWO stars out of five… behold and lo, he had only ever done ONE other review… for John Grisham… and had given him a terrible ONE star out of five… instant sanity returned… an object lesson in BALANCE… not a quality for which many of we uber-self-critical scribes are famed, it must be said… but it taught me to treat ALL reviews and comments, good and not so good, with a healthy dose of skepticism… and as for outright trolls who appear from time to time… they’re par for the course… my methodology for dealing with them is simple… I thank them profusely for their welcome comments and then promptly block the bast*rds… they HATE that!… see yeez later…Β LUV YEEZ!



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26 responses to “…Authors… when the trolls try to trip yer wires…

  1. Trolls are named trolls for a good reason. All of us authors face them time to time. Like you, I read them with skepticism. If we don’t get at least a few of these we are doing something wrong. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Trolls are unavoidable, like spam. All we can do is ignore them.

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  3. Thank you Seumas, much needed perspective.

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  4. rohini99

    Reblogged this on FictionPals and commented:
    With a new book out, Five Lives One Day in Bahrain, it’s good to remember that it takes all kinds to make a world of readers!

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  5. ‘Never feed the trolls’ it is said. And we never do!

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  6. Can’t let it bother you – just keep moving on.
    They are only words which are in reality scribbles and hot air by someone you don’t know. Don’t ever let negative clowns into your head.
    You got it, Seumas – balance, perspective, and block!


  7. I did hear another perspective on this one – that a troll-strike is generally a sign of success. After all these parasitic gloryhounds don’t bother with nobodys without a significant following – they want their meanminded snarky comments to have a wider audience. So can I offer that comment as a comfort?

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  8. I’m currently extremely fortunate to be going through a good patch. However I’m also expecting a kicking any time soon. If you can see it coming, don’t duck out of the way, feck ’em. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but don’t mess with me auld pol..! See if I could give a flying one!

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  9. Yep, shut off their oxygen and they drown in their own bile.

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  10. In this case, blocking is a good thing. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  11. Even when one is old school Jurassic one retains a sense of support and caring … not to mention Shivulree. Good to see that man. πŸ€—

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  12. Your approach to dealing with trolls is most admirable, Sir Seumas. I love it that you get them both coming and going πŸ™‚

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  13. True, my man.
    Just started your latest, and enjoying it immensely.

    Keep up the good work. Be true to yourself.

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  14. Thank goodness there is a blocking mechanism. It’s a good troll filter. πŸ™‚ — Suzanne

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