…like, really, right?… there’s like, really NUTHIN like ‘really’… like, really…right?

…most authors begin to learn sum’where along their scribbling apprenticeship route the notion of  ‘weasel words’… the ‘fillers’ such as ‘that’, and ‘very’ and ‘just‘, and  the proliferation of inappropriate adverbs… all of which any halfway-awake editor excises with the boldest of red pen strokes… would that a similar ‘editorial cleansing agent’ existed to rid certain people of the parallel ailment in their conversation… today, I indulged a Japanese lunch at a restaurant in Abu Dhabi… the food was excellent… chicken gyoza, shrimp tempura, a chicken Katsu curry and all the trimmings… ten minutes into my meal, two young ladies arrived and took up the booth immediately behind where I sat…



…and yeez know the kinda thing when yeez are NOT LISTENING’ to what they’re discussing, but yeez can’t help ‘HEARING’ the exchanges… well, p’raps ‘exchanges’ is pushing the description a tad… it was more like a monologue from one teenage girl to the other, to which the entire restaurant couldn’t help but be ears also… the talker’s voice was a strange combination of a nasal twang and a reedy, piercing scalpel of a tone, capable I’m sure of chiseling ice sculptures… the constant aural barrage consisted of a relentless stream of sentences constructed around the repetition of ‘like’, ‘really’ and ‘right?’, this last being more rhetorical in application than inquisitive…


…I was thankful my chicken Katsu curry offered some distraction, however mild.. (the distraction, that is, not the curry)… the incessant, hypnotic mantrae continued until my bill arrived, and even for a Scotsman, I was delighted to pay in order to escape the place… like, really, right? there’s like, really NUTHIN like ‘really’… like, really…right?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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13 responses to “…like, really, right?… there’s like, really NUTHIN like ‘really’… like, really…right?

  1. When you’re right, you’re like realy right. Right?

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  2. Yes… I was listening to a couple of teenagers having the same kind of conversation on a train and very, VERY glad I had a book to read so I could refrain from throttling them.

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  3. rohini99

    i “liked” it, really! All grist to a writer’s mill!

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  4. I wonder if they think they’re having a conversation? 😀

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  5. I remember watching a TV series where the young male and female character every time they met would spend a fair amount of time saying hey, hi… Not a comedy either. Oh well…

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  6. This was like really, really funny, Seumas. 😀 — Suzanne

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