…Authors… getting ‘touchy-feely’ with yer writing is okay…

…when this ol’ Scots Jurassic started scribbling crime thrillers more than eight years ago, I never gave much thought (read ‘any thought’) at that time about how emb’dy else would think about reading my stuff… I wrote to please myself… and frankly, I still do that… I write the kind of narratives I would like to read… lately, many of yeez grand people of the readership have commented on the ‘vulnerable human emotions’ that even some of my tough guy characters display… understandably ‘tough guys’, coz they’re dealing with crime lords , drug barons, people-traffickers and the like who murder folks for idle distraction… it hadn’t occurred to me that others saw these fallibilities as qualities that enhanced the characters in their minds… then on reflection, I realized that’s exactly how I wanted them to be… coz that’s how real people are… and even a superficial glance at the 24/7 news channels will show yeez the abominations that go on daily around the WURLD… I have no desire to become a political commentator, but I’d consider myself less of a human being If I were not touched by some of the things I hear and see… in my latest book, DEADLY IMPASSE (and this is seriously not meant to be a ‘plug’, but I’ll list it here anyway), …among other things, I deal with part of the migrant issue, where so many people in desperation try to reach across the  Mediterranean and drown on the way…



touchy-feely stuff for my principal characters right there... and although I’m an author peddling fiction, some of the stark reality does creep into my writing…  here’s a poem I knocked out recently which some of yeez may have seen already…

How many more migrants must we lose?

Hold on tight, don’t cry, my son,

This will not last too long.

Listen how your Mama sings

Your favourite nursing song.

This water will not harm us now

We’re nearly at the shore.

Be strong and brave, my boy

And we’ll be wet no more.


Yes, yes, that wave was huge, I know,

But hang on tight, be safe with me.

This darkness merely hides the land

We’re getting closer now, you’ll see.

The sea is wild but brings us fast.

This wind behind our back

Will blow us into land quite soon.

Watch us veer and tack.


No, please don’t cry, my lad,

I’m here to hold you tight

This angry sea won’t harm you

We’ll be safe ere blows the night

Talk to Papa, tell me things,

All the things you’d like to say.

Tell me how we’ll live our lives

On the shore we near this day.


Papa, truly, truly I am scared

These waves are far too tall.

And this darkness blinds my eyes.

I hate this, hate this all.

Papa, Papa, the boat is tipping over,

Papa, Papa, where’s your hand?

Papa, Papa, catch me please.

Papa, Papa……….. Papa?


Seumas Gallacher

October 16th, 2016


…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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16 responses to “…Authors… getting ‘touchy-feely’ with yer writing is okay…

  1. Thanks for the poem. Very touching indeed. No, I’m not crying. It’s just something in my eye (a bit of your poem, I guess). Thanks.

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  2. rohini99

    I do it all the time! Of course I write different stories, with a romance one does get “touchy-freely”.

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  3. rohini99

    And, as you know I love the poem.

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  4. Fabulous poem, Seumas. Palpable emotion. 🙂

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  5. You roit bastard. I’m blubbering all over me keyboard … that poem out to be sent to everyone who ever grumbled about ‘them’.

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  6. Heartrending, Seumas. Great stuff. And to think some of them make it these days only to be sent back. It’s beyond sad. —- Suzanne

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