…a remarkable Authoress… my friend, Dedra L. Stevenson…

…an Authoress who has done the almost impossible… cloning herself into that  most marvellous of creatures… one with heart and soul in both her native North American United States, and her now Arabic family environment in the United Arab Emirates… but there’s more… her literary personality spreads across genres as you will read in her Guest Post below… enjoy meeting my great friend, Dedra L. Stevenson


Being a Multi-Genre Author: The Challenges

My name is Dedra L. Stevenson, and I write books in several genres. I started out as a young adult author with my trilogy, The Hakima’s Tale, which continues to be a hit with kids all over the UAE and beyond. It’s available in 3 formats now: print, E-book, and Audiobook, and it’s about a young Arab American girl who learns that she must defend the human world from the impending attack of Jinn forces who wish to take back the planet. She learns how to be a warrior of the supernatural world from a mentor, an old woman in the desert who knows the ways to fight Jinn. My young adult readers have loved it, and have always come back and asked if I will ever write a prequel.  An author really couldn’t ask for much more satisfaction, except of course, the satisfaction of seeing every young reader in the Western world also enjoying the books. Maybe one day? In spite of how satisfying The Hakima’s Tale has been, I really wanted a chance to broaden my horizons and reach a bigger audience.


Anyone who knows anything about writing will tell you that when you first consider what you’ll write about, you must ask yourself what you love, or at least what you feel passionate about. My next book wasn’t as much fun to write as The Hakima’s Tale, because I didn’t just love it, I felt that it was something that I needed to express.  The book was deeply personal for me, as it was largely set in the American South where I’m from. Topics such as racism and stereotyping were central to the plot, but I believe that the book achieves the desired effect, as most who have read it closed the last page with a sense of peace, because the story expresses what it could be like if people take the time and effort to work out their differences. The main character has done the unthinkable; she’s married an Arab and moved to the Middle East, and although she builds a healthy life and a great family there, she’s drawn to come back when she finds out that her father has been the victim of a hate crime. Going back means that she must face all the people who persecuted her all those years ago. The book will hopefully make you laugh, get angry, cry, and feel good as the characters learn how to come together in spite of huge differences.


In spite of the fact that the book is fictitious, some experiences that were portrayed in the book brought tears to my eyes, and sometimes left me feeling sad for several days at a time.  I can’t say that Desert Magnolia was fun to write, but it was needed, as these emotions were buried deep inside me, and they needed to be expressed, and it was a difficult transition for my previous readers to make, as they expected another fantasy fiction tale.  I know it was a leap, but my audience has adjusted, although I do have to explain it each time I’m asked to do a school presentation.  Desert Magnolia and The Skinwalker: Resurrection are NOT for the under 15’s.

My latest book is a BIG diversion from my previous work. The Skinwalker: Resurrection is my first horror story, and it’s based on the folklore surrounding the Native American Navajo Skinwalker in particular.  A lot of research was required to write this story, as I absolutely wanted to be certain that I haven’t offended a proud Native tribe such as the Navajo.  Being partially Native American myself (Creek/Choctaw), I have the deepest respect for the Native American way of life, and I do believe this respect is portrayed in the book.  The story is about a young woman, Carmella, who moves to Window Rock Arizona to begin her adult life in her mother’s ancestral home. All is well until she encounters a long dead Skinwalker spirit that wants the chance to return to the living world by taking the life that Carmella has left.


I found this book so much fun to write!  I got to cuss and get into the mind of a Meth dealer and a witch.  I don’t know what other Author’s believe about this subject, but I rather enjoy writing my villains.  There’s something marvelously liberating about being the “bad” guy, at least for a little while.

The next stop on my multi-genre journey will be back to a young adult audience, as my partner, Rodney W. Harper and I embark on writing a paranormal series.  We are very excited about this project, as it will span the globe in scope!

The current titles may be purchased via the following links.

The Revenge of the Blue Jinni:  https://books2read.com/u/mK9pv9

The Rise of the Warrior:  https://books2read.com/u/mBewYM

The Dawn of Redemption: https://books2read.com/u/b6QMwy

Desert Magnolia: https://books2read.com/u/me0nOZ

3 FREE chapters of The Skinwalker: Resurrection may be downloaded via our website at www.bluejinnimedia.com

…thanks for sharing with us, m’lady, Dedra… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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4 responses to “…a remarkable Authoress… my friend, Dedra L. Stevenson…

  1. Great interview, Seumas. Dedra is most versatile and so very talented.


  2. Thanks, Dedra, for this thorough and interesting post on your books and career. Thanks, Seumas, for having Dedra as a guest. 🙂 — Suzanne


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