…Indie Authors, there’s only one way to take control of yer self-publishing—like a boss!…

…the most common question most self-publishing scribblers get is, ‘how easy/difficult is it to run yer own stuff as an indie author?’… well, this ol’ Jurassic’s been at it for more than eight years now, and I reckon I’ve learned a few things along the road (maybe that’s a few million things)… first off, it ain’t easy… but NUTHIN worth while usually is… the approach that’s WURKED for me is to treat the whole nine yards as a business… if yeez tackled any business with less than 100% commitment, yer chances of success get diminished in direct proportion to that commitment… so, Indie Authors, there’s only one way to take control of yer self-publishing—like a boss!


…own it, LUV it, treat it like yer own flesh and blood, ‘coz, as many authors will tell yeez, that’s precisely how each wee literary baby feels to them… tell the WURLD how much pride yeez have in it… learn how to introduce yer masterpieces to a market that has so much noise overkill, it would put the combined cacophony from a dozen airports in the shade… convince yerself that yer stuff is not only good, but great… and try to ensure it IS great by constantly honing yer writing skills (one of the most important of which is extensive reading of other writers’ offerings!)… listen to advice from people who’s opinion yeez trust as being honest believing sycophancy regarding the merits of yer own writing is the quickest road to failure… get cracking now, if not yesterday already, on building and maintaining follower friendships… these are yer writing business relationships… it’s pointless throwing yer WURK into a buyers’ marketplace that knows NUTHIN of who yeez are… befriend other penspersons, they are yer new kinspeople, the ones who turn up consistently in support of each other… and support them back… it’s all part of yer business… do it… like a boss!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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20 responses to “…Indie Authors, there’s only one way to take control of yer self-publishing—like a boss!…

  1. Sound advice. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

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  2. Sounds like excellent advice Seumus.

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  3. Marvellous advice, Seumas:)


  4. wonderful advice, Seumas. Hard to do sometimes, but worth the effort I’d say…

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    I think this is an excellent advice for us “Newbies”. Seumas Gallacher’s way to take control over our self publishing! And yes, I love his advices. Not only because they’re coming from an experienced writer – but also because I love the way they’re written. Thank you Seumas!

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  6. Loved this post Seumas and you are correct in everything you’ve said. I first dipped my toe into the publishing world way before self-publishing was even a twinkle in amazon’s eyes. I got rejection after rejection but I didn’t stop I kept going and now going to have my first book self-published hopefully before Christmass. I treat my writing as my career, I can’t work in the “real world”, not my quote, anymore due to my health so this is my career now. Full time. So yep, to treat it like it was anything less than a business would be foolish of me. So yes, onward and upward. I love the cat think I would like to borrow that pic if I can.


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    Great advice from Seumas.


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