…two gracious ladies embellish my blog… Miriam Drori and Emma Rose Millar…

… a couple of days ago, I featured a post with two Authors… today we go even better… two Authoresses! my dear friends , Miriam Drori and Emma Rose Millar (she’s the one holding the book)… and some launch news to impart… get ready to receive the impartation…



How do you like to find out about a book? Do you

  • read the blurb?
  • look at the cover?
  • listen to a reading?
  • read about the author(s)?
  • read about the setting – geographical or historical?
  • go to the launch party?
  • simply buy the book and get stuck in?

All of those choices are available for The Women Friends: Selina, due out on Thursday, 1st December.

**FINALIST: The Chanticleer Goethe Awards for Late Historical Fiction**

Who is the young woman with the haunting gaze in Gustav Klimt’s 1917 masterpiece, The Women Friends?

Selina Brunner is running from the demons of her past, cut off from her family in a sleepy Tyrolean village, and lost in the soulless city of Vienna, where everything – even one’s very existence – is a lie.

When, amidst growing fear of sinister developments in Vienna, an exotic stranger comes to town, Selina finds old passions reignited and her whole world turned upside down.

The Women Friends: Selina is the first in a series of fictional tales about the women who inspired this great artist.



Listen to the beginning of The Women Friends: Selina here.


Emma Rose Millar was born in Birmingham – a child of the seventies. She is a single mum and lives with her young son who keeps her very busy and very happy. Emma left school at 16 and later studied for an Open University degree in Humanities with English Literature. She has had a variety of jobs including chocolatier, laboratory technician and editorial assistant for a magazine, but now works part-time as an interpreter.

Emma writes historical fiction and children’s picture books, winning the Legend category of the Chaucer Awards with Five Guns Blazing in 2014. She is currently working on her third novel, Jezebel, a dark tale of obsession and opium addiction set in the roaring twenties.

Emma is an avid fan of live music and live comedy and enjoys skating, swimming and yoga.

For more information, please visit https://emmarosemillar.com/ or follow Emma’s author page on Amazon: http://author.to/EmmaRoseMillar.

Miriam Drori was born and raised in London, but has lived most of her life in Jerusalem, where she married and gave birth to three now grown-up children. Following careers in computer programming and technical writing, Miriam turned her attention to creative writing. Her first published novel, Neither Here Nor There, is a romance set in Jerusalem, a story of two people drawn to each other despite their very different backgrounds.

Miriam began writing in order to raise awareness of social anxiety and never fails to mention this common but little-known disorder when the opportunity arises.

You can find out more about Miriam and connect with her on her website/blog: https://miriamdrori.com/ or follow her author page on Amazon: http://Author.to/MiriamDroriAtAmazon


We’ve written several articles about the setting of The Women Friends: Selina. Here’s a list of them.


You are hereby invited to the launch party for The Women Friends: Selina on Thursday, 1st December at 3 pm (UTC+1). Just pop over here and click on Going. On the day, there will be a competition to win a beautiful prize and lots more.


Wherever you are in the world, whether you want the ebook or the paperback, this is the Amazon link to buy The Women Friends: Selina. You don’t have to wait for the day. It’s available for pre-order now.


Seumas, thank you so much for hosting us on your delightful, though occasionally baffling, blog. I haven’t lost hope that we will, one day, meet in person.

…and thanks, m’Ladies for adorning my wee blog today… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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7 responses to “…two gracious ladies embellish my blog… Miriam Drori and Emma Rose Millar…

  1. I love Klimt, so this sounds perfect. Thanks, Seumas and good luck to both authors.

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  2. Thank you, Seumas! Delighted to be here.

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  4. Thanks to both Miriam and Emma for the information on their lives and work. Thanks to you, Seumas, for having the ladies as your guests. 🙂 — Suzanne

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