…Jurassic is as Jurassic does…

…this ol’ Scots scribbler has never ever claimed to be the vanguard for cutting-edge new gadgetry or even blunt-edge new gadgetry… my self-acknowledged label, ‘Jurassic’ applies not only to my dearth of understanding of all things compoootery, but also to a few other areas… in this age of handheld mobile communication instruments, when others around me, every other season, seem to trade up their current Samsungs/Nokias/Blackberries (yes, I had one of those until a few months ago!), I reluctantly swap mine only when the fabric of my present device is crumbling to pieces… when I purchase the latest up-to-date models, it takes me eons to understand how the bluudy things operate, including sum’times simply how to switch them on… and truly, all I ever want them to do is to receive SMS messages and to make and receive phone calls…


…and it now occurs to me, that regardless of my protestations of being open-minded about most things, p’raps over the years there have been a few hints and signals that I really do not easily accept or adapt to my modern changing WURLD… f’rinstance, apart from the embedded feature in the present-day ubiquitous mobile devices, I have never owned a camera… on the few occasions emb’dy else has handed me one and asked that I take their photograph, I’m more than likely to capture a picture of the cloud-laden sky above them, or have everybody move at the same time when I click the ‘go’ button on it, causing a blur of faces…


…(as a P.S. to the mobile’s camera, I am regularly surprised when photos show up on it, showing my knees or the floor, where sum’how I’ve clicked sum’thing I didn’t know was clickable)… another item missing in my ‘abilities’ or lack of them, is the ownership of a Driver’s Licence… never had one… and never ever wanted one… (subject of a to-be-revealed-later, sorry tale of a failed Vespa Scooter driving test on the Isle of Mull many decades ago)… so, with these and several other idiosyncratic Jurassic tendencies, how have I survived all this time?… just fine, thanks… Jurassic is as Jurassic does… I take pictures with my eyes… I ride in the passenger seats of vehicles … much less stress by a magnitude of hundreds… and have managed thus far to avoid the dreaded ‘selfie’ affliction… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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10 responses to “…Jurassic is as Jurassic does…

  1. Completely understand, Seumas. I purchased my first smart phone last year. When I figured out how to take a picture with it, I was sorely disappointed. The pictures all had a terrible blue/green tint to them. Then someone pointed out that I hadn’t removed the protective film from the lens. Jurassic indeed.

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  2. Oh this sounds so familiar… my mobile phone went back after just two days. And I don’t want to try it again…

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  3. I was an Expert photographer – with a Kodak Brownie, which was a 10th hand gift from an elderly uncle. The super-dooper all singing, all dancing, bells and whistles camera, which was a Christmas present last year, still sits sneering at me from the box.
    As for phones, I was told by my niece that my reliable, chunky old Motorola, which did weird things like make calls and receive messages, was a museum piece. My up to date Galaxy phone is Smart enough to join in the hysterical laughter whenever I try to use it.
    Bring back quill pens, I say. 😀

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  4. …yup, I’m with you, m’Lady, Val… bring back the quill! 🙂


  5. It sounds like you’re doing just fine, Seumas. I drove for years but gave it up on coming to India. Traffic here scares me half to death. My son recently bought me a new giant laptop. I’m still getting used to its functions, some of which I’ll probably never figure out. It’s so sensitive I only have to hover a hand over some part of the keyboard and it reacts. I have a scary feeling it’s outthinking me. 😀 — Suzanne

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