…hubble, bubble, and blether… when shall we meet again?…

…the proposed get together with kindred bookly spirits mooted for Sunday morning, June 4th in London at the Sloane Street Millennium Hotel understandably got decimated by the appalling events nearby at London Bridge and Borough Market on the prior Saturday evening… and thoughts, prayers and love go out to all who were affected by that… notwithstanding that backdrop, we did end up with not one, but two mini-meetings, both of which were fabulous…

…early in the day, superb crime fiction story teller, Eric J. Gates, and I played hosts to m’Lady, Trisha Griffiths… she’s the epitome of the person authors LUV most… a determined and steadfast reader…  Trisha demonstrated her bibliophilism…

…and we shared our common bookWURMS stories of writers we like, novels we have devoured, and generally had a lotta laffs… Trisha also bore gifts for Master Gallacher in the form of a couple of dozen various-sized t-shirts with my kilted figure imprinted…

…I’ll have to devise some means of getting a few of these into the hands of folk who wouldn’t be embarrassed by having my ugly features smiling from their chests (heaven forfend, Mabel, being fronted by an ol’ Scots Author!)… part two of proceedings kicked off in the early afternoon with the arrival of m’Lady, Lorna Watson, another wunnerful supporter of scribblers…

…Lorna is also one of the terrific admin people at the splendid Bookshop Cafe Group on Facebook, a great web destination for emb’dy who likes/loves/adores reading… it transpires that on top of all of that, she has also written over the past several years a tome that’s screaming to be published… all 230,000 WURDS of it… we chatted about how that might metamorphose into two or p’raps three books… the net result of the day, which passed by all too quickly, was 8 hours of focused blether in the company of real pals, whose faces I can now match to their names… man, I LUV this authoring gig!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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15 responses to “…hubble, bubble, and blether… when shall we meet again?…

  1. I wish I could have been with you all now that I’ve moved back to the UK (Isle of Wight). Alas, too many hospital appointments and operations have got in the way!

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  2. I’m pleased to hear that things worked out well despite the tragic events.I hope to join again at some point in the future.

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  3. I saw the horrible event on the CNN TV channel here and I’m so glad you and friends could enjoy a get together for a time anyway. —- Suzanne


  4. Despite the terrible events of the previous day, Seumas and I did have an opportunity to meet with readers in London. Nice to see the Ol’ Jurrasic ‘in the flesh’ (first time we’ve met; hopefully not the last) and to chat about books and writing. He’s just as funny and entertaining in real life as you would expect from his blogs, and a very nice person to boot.

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  5. So pleased it all went well, despite the awful trauma of Saturday night. If ever you decide on Spain, I’m sure the U3A (University of the Third Age) would love you to speak at one of their meetings and Writers’ Ink, which I Chair. xx

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  6. A bit close for comfort….Still a miss is as good as a mile as they say. Have a good day m’lord. x


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