…the bestest group hug in the whole WURLD!…

…I will fail miserably trying to describe the great joy this ol’ Jurassic scribbler experienced this morning… at the invitation of a friend of mine, Ma’am Fatima Al Alawi, (standing next to me in the photo below), I was scheduled to ‘tell a story’ to a class of 5 year-old children at Ibn Khaldoon National School in Bahrain

…nerveless I may be in presenting to hundreds of assembled adults, and even college and university classes over the years, but NEVER, NEVER has this poor excuse for a literary Braveheart encountered such a daunting audience… the children are all from Arabic families, but with a command of English in most cases better than mine (which wouldn’t be difficult, I know, Mabel)… I had chosen to tell them the story of one of my admittedly lesser-known masterpieces, THE GREEDY TEDDY BEAR… any nerves I brought into the classroom were instantly dispelled with the enthusiasm of these children… kudos galore to their teacher, Ms Heyam, and her class assistant, Ms Faye, who managed the impossible by keeping 18 children well-behaved throughout the entire event… if I ever need sumb’dy to assist in herding cats, these two ladies will be first choice… after the storytelling, Ma’am Fatima engaged the class with decorating cupcakes with all sorts of confectionery goodies… cake icing, M & Ms, sprinkles of hundreds and thousands, chocolate buttons, and… the piece de resistance… tiny edible teddy bears to put alongside the frostings

…what a giggle!.. we had coin tricks… we had singing… Jingle Bells, would yeez believe!… and as yeez can see from the photograph at the top of this blog post, the bestest group hug in the whole WURLD!… I’ve said it so many times before… if yeez want a better planet to live in, hand it over to kids… they know how to share… they know how to care… and I defy emb’dy to get a group hug from them and feel negative about anything!… see  yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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26 responses to “…the bestest group hug in the whole WURLD!…

  1. What a great way to spread your energy and get so much energy in return!

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  2. Aww bless their wee cotton socks! 🙂

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  3. rohini99

    This is great and wonderful news! And you know why I am saying this… 😀

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  4. A lovely event. I wish I could have been there. 🙂

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  5. Now you’ve tackled and got approval from that audience, you can tackle ANY audience. Seumas 👍😃

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  6. Were you not terrified?? I would have been! 🙂 Good looking bunch of kids.

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  7. Sounds like a great time! Also, I agree… It’s tough to feel anything but happy when you get a hug from a smiling child.

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  8. Looks like they loved Seumas! You will have to write another story to tell them 🙂

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  9. You, Sir are a prince among men. Thanks for sharing with the littles!

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  10. Fatima alalawi

    I got the greatest sense of satisfaction from knowing that I have added a positive experience. My favorite parts of the day were children facial interactions and expressions: smiling and sharing feelings. After all, the greatest gift in life is interactions with the purest souls. Bless them alllllll….

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  11. I had trouble spotting the ancient one in your first photie. 😜

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  12. Ha, ha. You must have felt really, really, really appreciated, Seumas. 😀 — Suzanne

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