…Istanbul is Constantinople is Istanbul… however many letters it takes to spell it…

…back in November 2014, I posted the following blog about ‘HOW THE INTERNET CAUSED THE DOWNFALL OF CONSTANTINOPLE’… this weekend, Master Gallacher’s day job brings me to the modern version of the city, Istanbul, for several days, facilitating a business course for participants from the Middle East… yeez might enjoy this wee reprise…


…sum’thing stirs in the back of yer minds when yeez hark back to when yeez were school age… for ol’ Jurassics like me, it’s further back to go than most of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… we used to have wee games and pastimes yeez never hear of nowadays…  Schoolkid 1: “‘Constantinople’ is a very big WURD, spell it”… Schoolkid 2 (Smart-Ar*se) “i-t”, ‘it’”… correct!… oh, budding geniuses we were… clever, eh, Mabel?… in a time when a living wage was a pipe dream universe away from most of the families where I lived in Docklands Govan in Glasgow, we got by with no money at all… ‘pocket money’ was never heard of… sweets and confections were usually handed out to us kids when yer Dad came home on a Friday night, usually via the pub, and the local sweet shop, where he picked up tuppence-worth of sweets ‘for the weans’ (Eng: ‘wee ones’)… tuppence-worth went a long way back then… at weekends, when it rained, which was generally only every weekend in Scotland, for indoor pastimes, my sisters and I played with paper and pencils… this was before we ever saw the arrival of our first television set in our tenement dwelling in 1960… each of us would be given a piece of brown wrapping paper, flattened out and all nice and shiny… my Dad would write down for us at the top of the page, C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-I-N-O-P-L-E… no, it wasn’t a geography lesson, although we did know where it was… the ploy was to see how many WURDS we could make using only the letters appearing in ‘CONSTANTINOPLE’… furthermore, we were obliged to list them in columns… two-letter WURDS, three-letter-WURDS, four-, five-, and six-letter WURDS and more…

…it kept us occupied for hours… I wonder how many offspring in today’s WURLD would even contemplate doing stuff like that?… the ubiquitous mobile devices, iPhones, Smart-Thingys, computers, and the bluudy Internet have robbed the planet of most of these domestically-produced indulgences… textese has usurped the application of English spelling to a degree that may take generations to restore… maybe if we ask the modern kids to tackle the WURD, ‘M-A-L-I’, we might get a response?… but sum’how, I fear not… sigh… see yeez later… got another hundred WURDS to get out of ‘CONSTANTINOPLE’ yet… LUV YEEZ!



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14 responses to “…Istanbul is Constantinople is Istanbul… however many letters it takes to spell it…

  1. I remember that saying too Seumas. I also remember the penny tray of sweets in our village shop and you got an awful lot of sweets gor a sholling. In our house it was mental arithmetic tests…

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  2. We used to play that game as a family when I lived with my grandparents when we went on our camping holidays. In the evenings with the light of the flickering gaz lamps, Gran would pick a nice long word from the paper and we would all try to make as many words as we could from the long word. We also played cards. No TV. The radio would go on after we children went to bed.

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  3. I’ve now got an old song that went ‘Istanbul is Constantinople now’ going through my head. Aaagh! 😀
    I was amazed when I went to Istanbul some years ago to learn that the average age of the population there was something like 23. Fascinating place.

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    More from that man in the East…

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  6. Whether young people realize it or not texting isn’t the only means of writing. My daughter had a math tutor who spent one summer on spelling to get her ready for the important final test all students in the U.S. have to take. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  7. Oh that does bring back memories! Thanks for the trip to childhood. Here’s the smart arse one we used to do.
    Railroad crossing, look out for the cars. Can you spell that without any R’s? T H A T!


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