…Authors, is Kindle Unlimited actually ‘kindness unlimited’ for us?

…as a self-published author (and I’m sure house-published authors most prob’ly feel the same way), it is phenomenally gratifying when we know our wee masterpieces are being read… that sumb’dy ‘out there’ cares enuff to honour us by poring through our WURKAuntie Amazon’s KINDLE is well-established as the major virtual channel for good folks to buy/download our tomes and we monitor their hypnotic daily sales charts as and when books are ‘taken’… all of which is excellent, of course, but it has occurred to this ol’ Jurassic scribbler that KINDLE UNLIMITED may be an even more precise gauge, in that only pages which have been read are shown on the graphics... during times of, for example, promos and freebie giveaways, it’s common knowledge that many people will download just for the heck of it and never get around to opening the first page… this past month, my KINDLE UNLIMITED ‘pages read’ column has been ticking along nicely, with more than 6,200 pages read… that equates to about 20 books… that may not seem much as a cold hard number, but believe me, to most of we writers, it’s a terrific silent endorsement, and part of that elusive affirmation we crave… to quote the over-used Oscar Award actresses’ line, ‘they like me, Mama – they like me!’… the major thing intriguing me, however, is that there is no way of knowing what triggers a run of KINDLE UNLIMITED indulgence… for my Jack Calder crime thrillers it has come in spurts or waves… and thankfully, it embraces all my titles, which is even more satisfying… as a one-time skeptic of the KINDLE UNLIMITED mechanism, I have been converted to a fully-fledged disciple… I’d LUV to hear how my fellow authors/authoresses and readers think about it… please let me know… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ! 













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17 responses to “…Authors, is Kindle Unlimited actually ‘kindness unlimited’ for us?

  1. Sadly the only time I see ‘pages read’ working Seumus is from free copies…

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  2. I’m not in Kindle Unlimited (well, only one of my books is and it has only been borrowed three times in over a year…), and these days seem to be selling mostly in Google (not much either, though). Well, and in China.

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    More from that man Seumus 😉

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  4. My experience is similar to yours, Seumas. I like watching the pages tick up and they’re much more consistent than purchased downloads. On some of my books, I make more from the pages read than I would if the person downloaded the book. It works for me. 🙂

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  5. As an author who has just submitted two HistFic for Kindle Unlimited, do you have any advice on how to bring titles to prominence?

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    • …hi, m’Lady, Linda… apologies for taking so long to respond to your question… from my self-publishing standpoint, I have a continual process of marketing and promotional activity, engaging constantly (a little each day usually) maintaining and broadening my web relationships, through which much of my downloads are generated… Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and the blog, of course, are all parts of the tool kit… I’m not trying to pimp my books to you , but I have on Amazon Kindle a wee Guide for this stuff, SELF-PUBLISHING STEPS TO SUCCESSFUL SALES which might be of some help …all the best 🙂 🙂 🙂


  6. I say whatever works for you and other writers, Seumas. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  7. I’m split between KDP and wide. It is nice having an extra payment in the middle of the month from Apple, B&N etc. There are a lot of rules in the KDP small print, like you’re not even supposed to give any of your books free eg through Book Funnel or to friends and so on. A few times my page reads have been exceptional but only a few.


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