…we come in with NUTHIN, and we leave with NUTHIN, ‘cept the mem’ries…


…I harbour no misconception about competing with the philosophers of the ages… but every now and then, I get to enjoy ‘retiring to the back of my own mind and there being content to muse and ponder’… (pinched, and paraphrased that from Master Einstein. A.)… and I’ve been doing some of that in the past few days… last week, I shared with my Web friends the intent to publish on Auntie Amazon Kindle a wee collection (a score of poems to be precise) punched out of my head over the past ‘pick-a-large-number’ of years … the idea was, and is, to preface each poem with the story behind its creation… this met with enthusiastic response and frankly, unexpected, encouragement from many sources… and here’s what’s happened, again to my surprise… the digging back through all those decades for some of the verses has triggered several glorious mem’ries… mem’ries of people, of places, of romances, of tragedies, of delight, of disasters, trials and triumphs… it’s as if the poems encapsulate chapters of certain stages of my life… from my teens, WURKING and living in the gloriously beautiful Isle of Mull in the Scottish Hebrides… to a stint as a Trainee Master of the Financial Universe in the Lombard Street banking  district in London… travelling halfway around the WURLD in pursuit of an amazing career in the Far East and now in the Middle East… and, with no trace of sadness, coming to terms with the irrefutable fact… we come in with NUTHIN, and we leave with NUTHIN, ‘cept the mem’ries… today, my life is not perfect, (whose is?) nor should I ever expect it to be, but in comparison to the dreadfully harsh hand dealt to so many others around the globe at present (viz: Texas, Louisiana, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Africa, sea-bound migrant refugees, and millions of others), to complain is odious… I’m glad to feel at ease… to be at peace with whatever lot I’m given… and all this just from raking back through some old scraps of poetry… ah, Life can be very quirky at times… thank you for reading thus far… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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16 responses to “…we come in with NUTHIN, and we leave with NUTHIN, ‘cept the mem’ries…

  1. Nicely put that man 😉

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  2. Years since I’ve read your post, Seumas, and pleased to say you haven’t changed a bit. Same enthusiasm and positivity. A fun-friend with depth.

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  3. Beautiful. And so true. Thanks, Seumas and good luck with the book.

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    A nugget of truth…

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  5. As ever, you sum up the situation with grace and economy that many of us find ourselves when comparing our lot with far too many others around the globe. All the best with your project:)

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  6. Mr Seumus Poet and Philosopher! Proud to make your acquaintance where have you been hiding? Good luck with your poetry and best of luck with this life we are indeed the lucky ones. 🙂

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    Seumas speaks the truth.


  8. As a hoarder of old poems, I can relate to memories they evoke. I enjoyed your post. Looking forward to the book, Seumas.


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