…Robin Williams… a few thoughts…

…okay, okay, okay… he was not universally admired… but those to whom his humour and style didn’t appeal must have been less than 0.0000001% of emb’dy who ever watched him and listened to him… I’ve been re-running some of the interview clips he did on television chat shows over the years, and remain constantly mesmerised at the speed of his brain, his genius in spinning WURDS , and accent impersonations, and just out-and-out ‘Williams-isms’… undoubtedly a ‘one-off’ comedy titanhis blockbuster movies, Good Morning Vietnam, Mrs Doubtfire, The Dead Poets Society, Aladdin, The Birdcage, Good Will Hunting to name a few… and yet, sadly,  a touch over three years ago in August 2014, this man, this genius, this creator of so much pleasure for others, took his own life… I will not pretend to begin to understand the enormous personal battles that conditions and illnesses such as depression and others cause… but it struck me this morning watching one of the old televised interviews of how ‘one-way’ the entertainment stream was… all coming from Robin… making others laugh, his physical body gestures enhancing much of his spontaneous spiel… but his eyes lacked sparkle… NUTHIN was going to him… he was eternally ‘on stage’… giving out, rarely receiving… history will show many comedians over the years have taken the same route as Robin… the onset of depression or other mentally debilitating conditions, followed by suicide, a common record… of course, being a famous celebrity made the news of his death all the more shocking… but… and here’s the thing… there are many hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of ordinary folks who suffer the same tortuous anxieties, struggles and fears… I don’t consider myself within a million miles of the same condition that attacks people in this way, but one saying I adhere to is this: ‘EVERYBODY  you meet, EVERYBODY, is fighting some sort of battle we know NUTHIN about… be kind always’… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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11 responses to “…Robin Williams… a few thoughts…

  1. such a good reminder. i loved him too, and something always made me worry about him when i watched him, he seemed to never be able to relax. like you said, he was always on, always emptying his vessel for others enjoyment, but i wondered if he ever filled it back up in private.

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  2. I was fortunate to live in the same CA town Robin’s mom lived in for many years. Every morning, even in her 70s, she’d be out running/walking in the street in front of us, great tenacity. Then Robin’s limo would come pick her up and bring her to some event he was part of. Later, he moved to our same town and biked for miles everywhere. Many of my friends got a ‘nodding’ relationship with him while on their own set of wheels. EVERYONE talked of how friendly and low key he was. But as you say, he still kept his pain inside, and that’s what killed him. So sad. And yes, we should realize that many do this. I always hope that a smile and a nod can make a difference….

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  3. Thanks for the reminder, Seumas. We don’t know what’s hiding behind a smile and a joke sometimes. Sadly, people suffering from depression often feel they are the only ones and suffer alone.

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  4. Great tribute to Robin Williams, Seumas. I recently saw his movie “Mrs. Doubtfire” on TV and I always enjoy it no matter how often I see it. My own husband suffered from bipolar disorder so I understand some of what Robin was going through. —- Suzanne

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  5. Mrs Doubtfire remaibs one of my favourite films of all time. Poignant and hilarious at the same time. I think Robins death raised awareness of the terrifying symptoms of Lewy Body dementia. God bless his beautiful soul. 🌼


  6. Great post. My daughter and I watched a number of his better movies after his death. One of the most poignant was Good Will Hunting where he actually discussed suicide with some depth. It was rather eerie to watch.


  7. Tony Hancock was another who committed suicide.


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