…good professional cover artwork is not a cost… it’s an investment…

…early in my scribbling career I grasped  the difference between the ‘Author’s Voice’ and the ‘Author’s Brand’… the ‘Author’s Voice’ is that style of yer writing that lets readers know who is the author, even without seeing the name on the book’s title… fr’example, pick up any novel from Charles Dickens, Lee Child, Dan Brown, or Robert Louis Stevenson, without knowing who wrote them, and it won’t take long before yeez recognize the ‘Voice’ belonging to each respective writer… on the  other hand, the ‘Author’s Brand’, is the persona created by, or on behalf of, yerself (if yeez are fortunate enuff to be able to afford and source a great marketing firm)… in modern publishing circles, that’s more likely to be through the SOSYAL NETWURKSand a Blog, which allows readers and others to identify yer own character… yerself as a person (heaven forfend – we are humans after all!)… getting to know what makes yeez tick, yer foibles, likes and dislikes… putting a ‘normal’ face to the name… however, there’s at least one place where the ‘Author’s Voice’ and the ‘Author’s Brand’ can legitimately be expressed together… in the artwork for the books… I’m blessed with the services of Edward Lu, who lives and does his thing in Manila, in the Philippines… it didn’t take long for him to ‘get’ what I wanted as the front covers on all of my Jack Calder crime thrillers… and I regularly receive positive comments on them… the ‘Voice’ is the visual depiction of the content of each book… the ‘Brand’ is the repetition of things like the strap line author’s name  in a similar, recognisable font, place and colours… the pictorial idiom of violent crime to be plundered inside… usually with weapons of some ilk… and as they paraphrase in a famous advertisement elsewhere, the value of excellent artwork is priceless… lately, I also delved into publishing a wee collection of poetry, and dressed its cover  with a beautiful view of Tobermory Bay in Mull in Scotland, taken on a visit there last year… ….good professional cover artwork is not a cost… it’s an investment… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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12 responses to “…good professional cover artwork is not a cost… it’s an investment…

  1. Couldn’t agree more..having just had the lovely Gina Dickerson of Rosewolf Designs re-do all my covers. Worth every penny!Building a visual brand that is distinctive makes getting noticed in a crowded marketplace just a tad easier!

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  2. I couldn’t agree more, Seumas. A unique and recognizable cover carrying the message of the novel’s contents is essential. Add a cracking title and it makes a powerful combination.

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    Here is some sage advice from Seumas Gallacher on investing in good cover artwork for your book. Check out this post on his blog.

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  4. Great post, Seumas. Writers need to realize the cover is the first thing the reader sees so it has to make a strong impression. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    More from Seumas. 😉

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