…Authors, it’s hard to beat meeting yer publics eyeball-to-eyeball…

…scribblers-of the-WURLD… we are all pretty much united in the lonely experience of the isolated, virtual, candle-lit attic where we punch out our respective wee literary masterpieces… equally, the burden of transferring the finished tomes onto Auntie Amazon Kindle, or slaloming  through the Agent/Publisher rapids can be a solitary slog… however, some saving grace is at hand… once yer novels are in the public domain, opportunities abound to meet yer adoring readership… Guest Speaking engagements, book festivals, and events such as local Arts and Crafts Fairs… one such of these came our way last weekend in Bahrain… the Bahrain Petroleum Company annual charity event, where all sorts of goodies were on offer… handmade trinketry of incredible beauty, wrought in silver, gold, and ceramics… assorted wood and metal combination photograph frames… diverse clothing for children and adults, in a coruscation of colours… woven bobble hats… perfumed candles in a variety of shapes and hues… and much, much more… and into the mix came this ol’ Jurassic Scots writer and my author buddy, Glen R. Stansfield, with printed copies of our crime thrillers…

…bedecked as yeez can see in our best Braveheart finery… and we fitted right in perfectly… the banter with the browsing hordes was a joy… folks from many parts of the earth mingle here in the Middle East… a few Scots accents mixed with others from the Saaaff of Engalund, innit… Scandinavian tongues… German, French, Portuguese… and one elderly lady, who is a ringer for To Kill A Mocking Bird’s Harper Lee, (dead ringer or otherwise), told us crime fiction is passe — and people should best just read the daily newspapers for that stuff!… however, enuff good folks parted company with their cash to buy signed copies of our wares and chat about writing and anything else that took their fancy… all great fun… and we’re doing it all over again this coming Saturday at the American Women’s Association Snowflake Arts and Crafts event for Charity at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Manama…

…see yeez there… bring yer blether and yer wallets… oh, and by the way, selfies with the kilties are are free of charge!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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5 responses to “…Authors, it’s hard to beat meeting yer publics eyeball-to-eyeball…

  1. Ha ha. Saaf (sarf?) of Engalund innitt, indeed!! (I’m an old Essex girl….) How dare you, sir! xx

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  2. Reblogged this on Author Don Massenzio and commented:
    Check out this post from the great Seumas Gallacher’s blog on the value of meeting your readers

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  3. Sounds like it was fun, Suemas 🙂 — Suzanne


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