…what knavery therein lurks?

…one of the wee side issues which occurs frequently when people learn that this’ ol’ Jurassic is actually a scribbler is the request to have themselves feature in one of yer next crime thrillers… inevitably I ask the question, ‘Would that be as a good guy/lady or a bad guy/lady?’… the ratio normally lands sum’where around the 99.99999%/00.00001% in favour of the bad guy/lady… seems to me, there’s an insidious common desire in ordinarily law-abiding folks to act out really malevolent characters… Jack the Ripper and Dr. Crippen couldn’t hold a grisly candle against most of my poll-ees… the wannabe criminals-of-the-century include little old ladies more usually found with crochet needles by a fireside, or the gentlest of good individuals, with a killer lust hidden just beneath the surface… so p’raps I may be allowed to give yeez all a heads-up warning to be slightly more wary of that gentleman on the commuter bus or train who demonstrates the finest of manners by giving up his seat to an older person, shielding a secret lust to be the next Dr Hannibal Lecter... or show some caution around the charming smiler of a checkout person at the Tesco supermarket tills, hankering after notoriety as the grocery industry’s answer to Vlad The Impaler … the bank teller, who greets yeez with the grandest of welcomes at the bank counter, furtively nurturing the intent to be the successor to Genghis Khan at his marauding worst


…yeez think it couldn’t happen?… just ask any of my crime writing author pals… all things are possible in the land of the quill and keyboard… and lest yeez forget that wunnerful truism… fact is often stranger than fiction… for my part, I shall continue as ever as the peaceful bloke yeez see in the street everyday… or will I?… just be mindful and ask yourselves when thinking about what may be in the minds of others today… and tomorrow… and next week… what knavery therein lurks?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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17 responses to “…what knavery therein lurks?

  1. They always seem to have so much fun whilst the detectives suffer and have, often, terrible lives and personal tragedies to deal with…

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  2. I see you doing one of those wonderfully intricate bank heists, and getting away with it, of course. 😀

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  3. I think I sat next to a wannabe Jack the Ripper on the bus as he calmly cleaned his nails with the biggest Bowie Knife I’ve ever seen. Being male I expected to be safe ( though nervous and uncomfortable) until I realised he could be considering a new venture.
    Hugs Seumas

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  4. rohini99

    Perhaps, like us who write about them, they’re all harbouring another persona!

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  5. I remember in her autobiography Agatha Christie wrote that people used to ask her the same thing, to be put in one of her books. She did it for them Now people can’t complain if they end up a baddie in one of your thrillers, Seumas. 😀 — Suzanne

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