…what happens when there’s no bullet to bite on?…


…I’m seriously not one of those people who worries whether or not others miss me when I haven’t been present as much as usual on the SOSYAL NETWURKS for a longish spell… as has been the case until today… last blog post 15 days ago, which for me is an eon… I write the blog and other participatory Web-by stuff, coz it’s good for me… I LUV doing them… and it helps keep my doddering gray cells moving a wee bit… but my absence was perforce… let me explain… about a couple of weeks ago, Master Gallacher‘s not-so-famous (at least not until now) inside upper left leg became home to what appeared to be a newly-resident pimple… said pimple decided to grow up into sum’thing resembling more of the old-fashioned boils I remember from six decades ago as a child… irritating and uncomfortable it certainly was… so I repaired ‘toot sweet‘ to a local hospital here in Balmy Bahrain… a white-coated gentleman claiming credentials as a ‘dermatologist’ cast his eye upon the offending skin eruption and declared it easily curable through a kitchen-sourced mix of ingredients, viz: 1 spoonful of flour, 2 spoonfuls of plain yoghurt, 2 spoonfuls of cooking oil and a coupla pinches of tumeric to be mixed into a paste and liberally applied to the patch of my inner thighdom… ‘two days’ll do the trick,’ he declared… two days later, my leg had been taken over by a massive, four-inch diameter growth, livid red, no head in its centre, but what seemed like a hard crust bowl under the skin, the size of a Farley Rusk… and deliverer of more pain than Master Gallacher has ever been aware of in his entire lifetime…

Day 3

…one day more, and the heavy dosage of pain killers was having no positive impact… I felt as if my body was going into shock, and I hightailed it… well, at speed I could hardly muster, more like lowtailed it, to another hospital… immediate and scary diagnosis… ‘dangerously, seriously infected abscess’ requiring instant blood tests, an x-ray, MRI, and MRSA testing before being whipped into the operating theatre under general anesthetic to have my new lodger unceremoniously turfed out…

Day 5 

…one week on, and scrapings daily under local anesthetic and it seems the new Scottish Grand Canyon known as my upper inner left leg is apparently doing well, thank you, Mabel… I’m glad to be able to find my writing mojo today, and I’m not looking for any sympathy… I’m as much to blame for accepting the ‘Jamie Oliver recipe’ cure to start with…

Day 7 

…but just a WURD of warning to emb’dy else that gets hit with this kinda stuff… get a second opinion sooner… and it has cost me an arm, and maybe darn near a leg… when the pain is too much, there is no bullet strong enough to bite on, believe me… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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56 responses to “…what happens when there’s no bullet to bite on?…

  1. My goodness, Seumas. Thank the Lord you are on the mend. Here take this wee taste of single malt and get well soon.

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  2. Oh my gosh, Seamus, this really is a good time to have social media to express yourself and to turn to for distraction, isn’t it? All the best for a speedy recovery from across the ocean in Canada!

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  3. Do take care, Seumas. I’m sure it will improve quickly now but what a scare! Thinking of you (especially because I’m listening to the audio of the Violin Man…). ♥

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  4. Bloody hell mate. How will they close the hole. On second thoughts, don’t tell me. At least it isn’t skin cancer like mine…

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  5. Dawn

    Oh my Lawdy, Seumas!!!! Thank goodness that didn’t get into your bloodstream!!!! Lots of hugs and prayers for a speedy recovery.

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  6. Flippin’ heck Seumas, thank goodness that infection did not catch hold anywhere else…you have been very brave. Healing (soft) hugs coming to you. x

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  7. Ouch and double ouch. Glad you turned out that nasty lodger! So glad you got a second opinion Seumas!

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  8. rohini99

    Oooouchhhh! Poor thing. Let me know if one can be of service.

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  9. Bloody hell, Seumas, that looks extremely nasty – hope it and you recover and heal PDQ – and always treat ‘experts’ who advocate home remedies, with extreme suspicion in future…

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  10. Yikes! I would have just started laughing with that’s doctored “remedy”. No respect at all.

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  11. Nancy Jardine

    All I can say is a pathetic “Ouch!” but I hope the ouch moments become “that’s fine now” soon. Photies are certainly dramatic and I’m not squeamish.

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  12. That hurts just looking at it! Good thing you went to a different place when you did. We might be reading a whole different kind of post. Take care and quick healing my dear Sir.

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  13. That looks absolutely dreadful, Seumas! So glad you managed to get help…

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  14. Looks like that ‘dermatologist’ got his degree from the back of a cornflakes box! … That is one impressive looking hole … hope it’s closing up fast and not hurting so much now.

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  15. May you heal well and fast, Seumas!

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  16. I saw your other post but didn’t realise it was that bad Seumas. Wow! Better out than in, and I promise not to mention alien invaders. :O Take it easy and heal up soon. Double sized Mwaah. x

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  17. Oh Seumas! Whit the devil have you been up to??? Take care lovely xx

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  18. Oh my goodness! I hope you feel a LOT better very soon Seumas – WHAT was the first bloke thinking?? What part of ANY of those ingredients were remotely sterile? Take care:).

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  19. I’m so glad you’re healing from that nasty and dangerous infection. My advice to anyone is to “always get a second opinion”. I had a doctor get mad at me once and I did it anyway. After all, it’s your body, not theirs. I even got a third opinion as I asked a doctor in the family. By the look of it, you could have lost your leg from that infection if it had continued. All the best on the way to complete healing and no more problems like that one. —- Suzanne

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  20. ooooh, mannie. That’s a gie sare one that. Thank God, you went for a second opinion. Never heard of turmeric being used to draw out a poison, tatties aye, they work. But oh jeez, take it easy and get well soon. Sending you an imaginary piece of Black Bun, that’ll help. xx

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  21. Glad to hear you are doing a lot better now, was quite worried when we saw you last weekend.
    keep taking the medication…… better living thru drugs for something like this – Mabel is Right for once!

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  22. Holy Smokes, Seumas!! I’m glad you’re feeling better now! I was worried seeing you hadn’t been posting as often as you usually do – no wonder, now I see that! – See, if you have a ‘pimple’ and an unexplainable fever, you’ve got an abscess already. I could shoot the moron and his ‘grandma cure’. This could have ended badly!

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  24. I’ve never ever seen anything like it.
    Looks dreadfully angry.
    Can’t imagine the pain.
    Wishing you well, soon.

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  25. Jings! Ouch! Hope you feel better soon!

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