…if February had been a fish, I’d have thrown it back by now…

…once upon a time, the famous actor, John Gielgud, was invited to a soiree… on the appointed date, he was unwell and couldn’t attend and sent a note of regret to the hostess — ‘Gielgud don’t Fielgud!’Master Gallacher lays no claim to originality nor to comparison to the legendary thespian’s talents, but right now, I’m totally in sync with the great man’s sentiments… February 1st kicked off with the discovery of a dangerously infected abscess on my upper inside left leg which required an emergency operation under general anesthetic… I’ve already bored you with a blog post about that joyous event… comes now the bookend of the month to discover the need for another foray to the hospital with an attack of shingles on the left side of my head and face, which has attacked my left eye (what is it with my sinistral body parts, I wonder?)…

…the vision from that optic is blurred at best, and is likely to be so for another coupla days… add in a severe bout of sinusitis to make the set complete, and presto hey, I’m eligible for a season ticket to the infirmary… I’m not so much complaining, Mabel, more at a loss and deliberating as to why it all comes in a bunch, when heretofore the Gallacher Corpus has been relatively free of affliction (apart from the dreaded attacks of Blogitis and Writerism)… my major campaign at present is scheduling the application and dispensation of the various ointments, pills and tablets to combat this plague-ish onslaught…

…but as one of my ‘Facebook friends’ remarked at the start of the month, when the abscess episode was in full flow, “It could have been worse, Seumas, it could have been me!”... yes, thanks, Denis!… oh, and please remind me, are these things supposed to be shaken before or after yeez take them?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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29 responses to “…if February had been a fish, I’d have thrown it back by now…

  1. Get better that man. This is an order!!!

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  2. I’ll bet you’re grateful that February is the shortest month! No wonder you’d want to throw it back. Let’s hope March isn’t your month for dextral afflictions! Enuf is enuf already! Let’s hope the third affection was the charm and you’ll be affliction-free (if you can remember what that’s like) for a long, long time! Heal quickly and well, my friend.

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  3. Reblogged this on anita dawes and jaye marie and commented:
    Who made you victim of the month?

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  4. Thinking of you, Seumas. Hopefully, you’ll feel better soon (and yes, at least February is a shorter month).

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  5. I wish you only the best, along with a speedy recovery.

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  6. Your immune system is taking a battering, Seumas, so just keep taking the meds, eat well, drink lots (of water that man) and try to rest instead of galavanting πŸ˜ƒ

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  7. Oiiiiiii! … 5 more days to go … Hope you make it! πŸ™‚ … I feel for you. I was like this for the whole of 2017.

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  8. I’m guessing that horrible infected abscess has properly messed up your immune system – and that’s why you’ve gone down with the rest like a sack of spanners:(. I hope you feel a lot better very soon!

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  9. All that gunge (medical term there) from the abscess gave your little fighting soldiers a hard time Seumas. Get it all out of the way in one go and be fighting fit for March. Healing Mwahs winging your way. x

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  10. Oh bless you Seamus it never rains till it pours.
    Take it easy and send the ISP boys after the ground zero supplier of the plaque!

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  11. I hope you’re feeling much better soon, Seumas. I had to laugh out loud at Denis’s remark. I feel your pain as I suffered from shingles some years ago. I read it often strikes those who had chicken pox as children. It was really painful and I thought it was a kidney problem. I went to the hospital and through tests until the doctor finally diagnosed it. It’s no fun for sure. —- Suzanne

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  12. I hope you recover quickly, and are soon back to whatever passes for normal in your case.


  13. Take care Seumas. I had shingles last year. I would not wish it on anyone. Despite taking the medication early it spread like wildfire. Thankfully B12 injections saved the day and my sanity.


  14. You poor soul. I hope you Fielgud by now. 😊


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