…to what depths in Hell has Humanity sunk?

…apparently from April 16th, 2018, in certain parts of England, it will be officially a crime for homeless street people to ask the public for help or for money… please read that again, and let it sink in… IT WILL BE A CRIME TO ASK FOR HELP OR FOR MONEY WHEN YOU ALREADY HAVE NUTHIN… and I ask myself, to what depths in Hell has Humanity sunk ?… in a society where millions are but one or two pay packets away from being in precisely the same bracket… in a society where building owners put spikes in parts of the exterior of their properties to prevent anyone from sleeping there in the cold dead of night… in a society where the government elects to spend billions on nuclear warheads, which, if they ever are needed, would only be a tit for tat match-up of deaths for many millions of people on either side if a nuclear conflict were ever triggered… yes, yes, yes, I know there are the arguments that  ‘some’ of those on the streets ‘choose to be there’… yes, that ‘some’ of those on the street are ‘druggies’ and ‘alkies’… yes, that ‘some’ of those on the streets are ‘dropouts‘ who don’t want any part of society… BOLLIX TO THAT!!!

…the vast majority of those on the streets are there because circumstance has brought them there… they are not armed robbers, rapists, murderers and organized crime bosses… and yet much energy, money and time is invested by having the already over-worked police forces ordered to hound them from what scant means they try to stay alive, and to get a decent (‘decent?- meaning, ‘not to die tonight’) night’s sleep… not for the first time, and I’m sure not for the last, I am truly ashamed of how my home country’s priorities are measured… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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29 responses to “…to what depths in Hell has Humanity sunk?

  1. I have been saddened by the state of humanity for a while, but the last couple of years have brought into sharp relief that there is a group calling themselves compassionate Christians whose religion is really “Eff you, I got mine.” I don’t think anyone considers that it’s more luck than anything else that they aren’t as badly off as the people on whom they look down. They all want to consider themselves “good Samaritans” by giving to the “deserving poor,” but they forget that the story of the good Samaritan is also the story of the guy lying in the ditch in desperate need of help. 😦 Thank you for this article.

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  2. “Liking” this post doesn’t seem to be quite correct, but you know what I mean by it. I have been within a gnat’s whisker of being totally homeless myself, and like you, I can’t believe the attitude of some people, or of our esteemed “government”. This is why I prefer dogs to people, any day.

    The homeless also aren’t just the ones on the streets, they’re the ones on friends’ settees for a few nights, the ones hopping on a wing and a prayer from spare rooms to relatives’ floors. So many people today have never had to give a single thought to their own safety, comfort or survival, and they have no idea that the “safety net” that they think these people have somehow spurned actually doesn’t exist at all. Worse yet, once you’re “down there” it’s a long, long, slippery and steep way “up” again. We have become a very nasty society in so many ways.

    Aside from that, I love humans! 🙂

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  3. A sad state of affairs indeed, Seumas. Closing our eyes to the truth or pretending they are not there is not going to help.

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  4. But for my wonderful daughter and son in law I’d be on the streets, too, through no fault if my own. In a lot of places here in the US, we are forbidden by law to feed the homeless. It is a government without compassion attempting to strip any remaining compassion from its people.

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  5. Glen R Stansfield

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  6. Glen R Stansfield

    It should be against the law for politicians to enact policies that drive people into poverty. It should be against the law to remove services, parks, libraries, day centres etc, whilst squeezing every possible penny out of the population. It should be against the law to make decisions that line the pockets of those who least need it. It should be against the law to have parliament with subsidised food and alcohol whilst removing free school meals. It should be against the law to vote yourself a pay rise far above the cap you have placed on the public sector. Now you know the anger that drove the writing of Harry.

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  7. Heartbreaking – I would add that the ones that are ‘alkies’ and ‘druggies’ would never have chosen that to be their path and just because they are it doesn’t make them less, just less fortunate. ghastly behavior – don’t help – just criminalize.seems to be the way to go for all the comfortable, well fed, warm egotists.

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  8. I, too have been close to that edge, both as a child and as an adult.

    The NIMBY’s rule at almost all levels of society. Some days I don’t think there’s any workable solution other than to rip the while thing down and start again with another species. (it’s such a shame dinosaurs got hit with that asteroid, they might’ve made a fair go of it) And, of course, there are more days where I have hope though … which is a good thing. 🙂

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  9. I have made a habit of buying the homeless a hot drink and a bite to eat, and spending some time chatting with them whenever I’m in town. On the whole, they are witty and engaging people well worth talking to, yet so often they tell me how unusual it is for someone to regard them as human. They will still be getting my spare change, stupid law or no stupid law. If I were a Member of Parliament, I would be hanging my head in shame that people in the UK are so poor they have nowhere to live, not making life even harder for them.

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  10. jochumaswriter

    This every day sight (homelessness, people begging) causes me deep pain. I blame no one except the politicians and this government (UK) with their cuts and their austerity and market forces bullshit. It literally makes me sick to my stomach. Every single one of us could suffer this fate and anyone who doesn’t think it could happen to them – homelessness – is deluded.

    I am hoping for the groundswell of a powerful underground movement – called KINDNESS – to come to the fore and save us all from the greed and hell of modern life. Kindness is happening. The media never reports it. People are doing things. Real people, on the ground, people with no interest in anything other than helping others. are doing things. Great post. Thank you for writing it.

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  11. Disgraceful! I’d ask what will be next, but I’m afraid of the answer.

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  12. Why do some see vulnerability as weakness??? It’s beyond comprehension that ‘legalities’ are being used in this way. We are all human and we are all connected to each other. ❤

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  13. Of course, it’s their fault since they just don’t have the decency to die and decrease the surplus population. Where is Dickens when you need him? It seems things haven’t changed all that much since the mid 19th Century. 😦 — Suzanne

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  14. …mwaah, m’Lady, Viv 🙂 🙂


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