…nil desperandum parum backup-erum… listen to Authoress Una Tiers…

…one of the earliest people I was privileged to know on the Web was my dear friend and Authoress, Una Tiers, who rendered the following Guest Blog Post here,  back in October 2012…. it’s well worth another read …enjoy …

…fronting up about backing up…Guest Blogger, Una Tiers, with a wee pre-WURD from myself…

… we’ve  all had them… those moments when your heart stops and your brain goes into panic meltdown… the unexpected, horrible instant of realization that we’ve done something that seems irreversibly wrong… like inviting both sets of in-laws over for Christmas holidays at the same time… mine came during the writing of my first novel… I clicked something on my laptop (who the hell knows what?..), and Hey Presto! three months of work disappeared from the screen… I was so stricken, I couldn’t even scream… happily, the sensible part of the household recognised the terror in my face, stepped up to the scene of the disaster, and with a simple click of the fingers reversed the action… and I got all the work back… (How do women know how to do stuff like that?)… life-shortening as the episode undoubtedly was, it taught me the basic lesson… BACK UP YOUR WORK… now here’s my Guest Blogger for today, Una Tiers with an even more relevant message… enjoy… and learn, lads and lassies… thanks, Una

Saving Paper by Una Tiers (author of Judge vs Nuts)

Occasionally I write and then hunt for the document, which, when missing, gains in brilliance as my panic escalates.  When will I learn to back up and be organized?  As my general disposition is to teach about the law, especially in my writing, I’ll give you an example of saving an important document, written by a third party, wrapping up your financial picture.

The most important document that likely will be ghost written, by an attorney, is your will.  The exact document signed by you and the witnesses needs to be located immediately after your demise in order for a court to recognize it and distribute the wealth.

Mama Cass Elliot, a brilliant singer with the Mamma’s and the Papa’s in the 70s, died in 1974 at age 32, leaving behind a minor daughter, mother, sister and brother.    She also left more debt than money.  Although she executed a will, it was not located when she died.

A few years later, a resurgence in her music caused the insolvent estate to turn into a healthy estate.   Her entire estate went to her minor daughter.

In 2011, the Last Will and Testament of Mama Cass was located by an archivist at the law firm where the will was prepared.  I have no idea what an archivist in this context means.  Her brother and sister sued the law firm that wrote and stored the will, (and conducted the probate administration) alleging that had they produced the will when she died, their mother would have received a share of the estate and when their mother died, they would have inherited that money.

Not much has been in the news about the story after the suit was filed, suggesting an out of court settlement in the malpractice matter.  The lesson you can take from this is that when you write, you need to back up and identify the file to locate it another day.  When you write a will, you must share the location with your friends or family so that the hard work will surface if and when you go to that big bookstore in the sky.


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9 responses to “…nil desperandum parum backup-erum… listen to Authoress Una Tiers…

  1. Double whammy here Seumas. It’s so easy to think ‘I’ll just finish this bit’ and then forget the back-up until you have that heart stopping moment.
    Also when you have a spring-clean tell your executors your Will is now under the 5th floorboard and not under the potato patch in the garden (unless it needs digging up.) 😉

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  2. All so true. Since my husband became long-term sick I have had to locate and organise documents I never knew existed. And as far as writing is concerned, I am at this present moment going through and organising back-ups of back-ups of back-ups (and copies of back-ups!) I am well aware of backing up after a few losses of documents in the ‘early days’ but there is also a danger of overkill chaos. 😐

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  3. Oh wow what a timely reminder….. I cannot remember the last time I did this with my machine. Should I really be admitting this to you even, I ask myself?
    Well I guess I had better find the back up drive from wherever I have put it for safe keeping…. just need to think where exactly that would be!

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  4. Thanks Seamus, I have the external drive right on my desk, but sometimes unplug it for the port.
    Una Tiers

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  5. Thanks to Una for this good post with wise advice, Seumas. I print out my stories and use Microsoft Word which saves them. I also have a stick I can save my files on. 🙂 — Suzanne


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