…it’s nice when I have visitors… I get to see sum’thing of the places where I live…

…my claim to Jurassicism stretches to more than compootery stuff… apart from these fidgety things on my mobile phone which keep taking pictures of my leg, toes, and sum’times surrounding floor carpeting, I’ve never owned a proper camera… which fits in admirably with my phenomenally outstanding failure at ever being a tourist…

…the only times I ever get to see the sights, wonders, and cultural centres of interest in any of the multi-geographies I’ve lived and WURKED in, is when sumb’dy comes to visit and wants to be ‘shown around’… today’s adventure embraced a visit to the ancient fort of Qal’at Al-Bahrain in Manama

…my residence is a five minute Uber-Camel ride away from the place, and until now, I’ve been totally unaware of its presence… but what a pleasure it turned out to be… the place is an archeological site, dating back to 2,500 B.C., making it over 4,500 years old… a bit of a fellow-Jurassic in its own right, if yeez ask me… the diggings have been ‘tidied up’ a tad, of course, but the remnants of  dwellings and the actual fortifications have been preserved and now carry the U.N. World Heritage Site label…

…as darkness falls, a laser light show is cast onto sections of the ramparts, tracing the history of the place from ‘way back… since the days of the Dilmun civilization… the light show lasts about half an hour, and as a writer, I found myself totally absorbed in the voice-over story… it has seen the march and declines of intruders from Portugal, Greece, and what once was Persia… the attendant music during the presentation is equally fascinating – the lilt of the Arabian instruments transports the listener across centuries, through the sands and seas that embrace the island of Bahrain…

…if any of yeez ever get out this way, I shall be happy to escort yeez there, so that I can see it again, ‘coz I never go anywhere on my own… I really have to get out more, Mabel… I really have to get out more … see yeez later.. LUV YEEZ!



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9 responses to “…it’s nice when I have visitors… I get to see sum’thing of the places where I live…

  1. I hope I’ll be able to take you up on that at some point, Seumas. What an amazing place!

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  2. What a wonderful spot, Seumas:)). Thank you so much for sharing and have a very happy Easter.

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  3. What a wonderful thing to have in your back yard! … funny how we don’t take the time to do such stuff on our own … humans, eh? 🙂

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  4. A great historical site, Seumas. Thanks for the virtual trip to the site. 🙂 — Suzanne

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