…the simple pleasure of chit-chat… how precious can that be?…

…there’s a certain grotesqueness in the WURLD which features daily in the newspapers and the ubiquitous 24/7 television ‘news’ channels… it would be all too easy to summarize that everything we see and hear is evidence of overwhelming evil and badness… but let’s hold on just a minute… ‘news’ outlets traditionally prosper and thrive on negativity…  ‘Bad News Sells Newspapers’… that could almost be a perennial banner headline in its own right… I don’t suggest for a nano-second that all the dreadful occurrences ar0und the globe should be ignored, and to ‘tuck our heads neatly deep into the sand, ostrich-style’… however, in an effort to retain a modicum of my own frail sanity, I am frequently given to looking for the ‘balance’… the sum’times wee things that bring a glimmer of light into an otherwise dark, gloom-threatened day… a coupla such snippets coruscated across my ken in the past day… the first started off as a possible harbinger of seismic proportion… I left my mobile phone in a taxi…

…the first time ever… the discovery that it was missing caused me much more panic than I should ever have experienced… how dependent have I become on that device, Mabel?… an hour or so afterward, the driver made sure it was back in my hands, and the relief, again, was prob’ly more than I should have registered… that the man should take time out to ‘re-mobilize’ me was a timely reminder of the good that still exists in people… the second episode involved the owner of a shop I was in…

…I’ve been in the guy’s place maybe half a dozen times over the years, but this time, he and I set to chatting about ordinary stuff… I think he enjoyed my conversation as much as I did his… more than an hour of pleasant discussion about anything and everything passed as easily as yeez like… and I left his store feeling happy…. yes, happy, to have had the chance to ease the hour away that we did, just flapping our gums… the simple pleasure of chit-chat… how precious can that be?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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15 responses to “…the simple pleasure of chit-chat… how precious can that be?…

  1. I think that sometimes people forget that we need to adapt technology to our needs and wants, not the other way around.

    What a nice person that taxi driver was. 😀

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  2. Oh yes – I tend to ration my fix of news these days as it is just overwhelmingly miserable and not a little frightening. And I am aware that I don’t stop and chat the way I used to – I’m generally too busy these days:(. But, you’re right, as ever, Seumas:)

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  3. Forgetting all the other ‘stuff’ about Facebook,I look forward to who I’ll ‘meet’ each day. Like Seumas, I love ‘flapping my gums…’ and reading those words…Good on yer m’lord. xx.

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  4. Don’t forget Spain for your ‘to visit’ list, Seumas. Our Writers’ Ink group would be honoured.. Hugs xx

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  5. Hi Seumas, We live just outside Torrevieja in the Costa Blanca region: Playa Flamenca. We are 5 mins from the sea by car and 10 from the countryside, and are usually blessed by a ‘mini micro climate,’ so have abundant sunshine. There’s always a buzz in Torrevieja & a lovely old casino building.La Zenia hotel (nearby) is excellent (facing the sea) and we have 100s of cafes & restaurants; plus four theatres and a few art galleries. If you did visit us, wouldn’t that be a buzz!? Yahoo. xx

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  6. Just let us know if you can make it, and we will roll out our red carpet. Our group Writers’ Ink meet once a month: every second Monday, at a local restaurant and we can show you around.our town, m’lord..xx

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  7. Thank you Seumas. do hope so! xx

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