…and in other news… bestselling Author, Master Gallacher, turns commercial (shock! horror!)…

…far be it from this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler to blow his own bagpipe, but in seems a groundswell has taken place whereby enuff other writing folks deem my supposed prowess in the craft sufficient for them to entrust their own wee literary baby masterpieces to my eye for, either/or/or both, proofreading and copy editing… I posted the undernoted to my Facebook page a few days ago, and am gratified to have received enquiries from other quillspersons already… (if yeez don’t let them know where yeez are, how else are they gonna find yeez, Mabel?)… as they say in all the classic notices like this… ‘quotes available by return’

To my Author/Wannabe Author Friends:

Over the past couple of years, I’ve been honoured by approaches from fellow writers and bloggers (established and beginners) to bring my professional writing skills to bear on THEIR work. It has developed into a commercial activity for me, and I am pleased with that. I have been persuaded to ‘go public’ and ‘go live’ with the fact that part of my business is now officially that of a commercial proofreader and copy editor. To clarify what precisely each term means, quite simply:


Proofreading deals with the final version of a manuscript before it is published, Unlike copy editing, it is not expected to make any revisions to the content or style. It is a check for any typos or missing punctuation marks, and to remove any repeated words or paragraphs, and with an eye to consistency.


Copy Editing is done in order to prepare a manuscript for an editor to apply his/her editing skills.
The copy editor’s job is to bring the first draft of an article or manuscript to a proper standard by making and suggesting edits to cut down on wordiness, fix awkward phrasing and eliminate repetition.

I will be happy to quote for either of, or a combination of, these for your manuscripts.

Please contact me by  my email seumasgallacher@yahoo.com or by Direct Message on Facebook.

…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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28 responses to “…and in other news… bestselling Author, Master Gallacher, turns commercial (shock! horror!)…

  1. Good luck, Seumas!

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  2. …mwaaaah, m’Lady, Olga 🙂


  3. If your work is anything like as good as your tales … it’s a no-brainer

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  4. Good for you! You certainly know the market and about readability and all the ins and outs of good writing. Best of luck with this new endeavor.

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  5. From scribbler to management…

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  6. I’ve added you to my Writers Resources Page, under EDITORS, Seumas – see it at:

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    McSporran McSporran offers his services sorting your words, or wurds as he would say…

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  8. Good to know, Seumas! Best of luck with your new venture. 📚 Christine

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  9. Good to hear this, Seumas. Your skillful help is sorely needed. And in doing so your own skills will develop and improve. Go for it.

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    Master Gallacher offers his knowledge and experience to all of us authors! This is great news!!

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