…Authors, as much as possible, check the facts…

…it will come as no surprise to some of yeez to learn that as a wee boy at school in Docklands, Govan in Glasgow, Master Gallacher was a bit of a ‘smart-ass’…a trait that has doubtless recognisably carried forward into my more advanced years…  always first to raise my hand to try to answer the teacher’s questions… always striving to be first finished with the classroom-bound written exams so I could, “…go ootside and play, noo, please Miss?”… comes now ‘The Writer Age’ the Scribbler-at-Large...  pensmith of novels… blithely transferring the contents of what’s left of my wee grey cells onto the laptop, hopefully for international reader consumption, and possible approbation… thus far, yer Lordships and Ladyships of the e-Reading Universe have wrought unbounded kindness and generosity on my WURKS, by downloading my baby masterpieces on a regular  basis… Kindlers Listers, all, yeez have my grateful thanks… with broad readership also comes a responsibility… to get yer facts correct, even in a piece of fiction... recently, being merely an older version now of that aforementioned ‘smart-ass’ schoolkid, I’ve read more than a coupla books where I’ve picked up on errors of fact… even fictional writing sometimes contains reference s to ‘real’ things, places, and  events… any mistakes in these WILL be spotted by SUMB’DY… and there goes yer credibility with that particular reader… fr’example, the cover of my second Jack Calder novel, VENGEANCE WEARS BLACK, depicts a Gurkha kukri knife… I found a picture of a real kukri to use… in the fourth novel, KILLER CITY, I needed to know exactly about timetables for flights in and out of Manchester airport in the north of England… I wrote to the airport authorities in Manchester to enquire about those, and they kindly sent me three pages of detail, of which I was able to correctly use ten WURDS of that for my narrative’s purpose… but the point is, THEY WERE TEN CORRECT WURDS... another time, my dear Author pal, Eric J. Gates, pointed out to me that the colour of Semtex is orange-red, not grey, as I had mistakenly assumed… I corrected that in the first novel, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY


…Authors, as much as possible, check the facts… yer readers will LUV yeez for it…











…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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29 responses to “…Authors, as much as possible, check the facts…

  1. i am not surprised by your younger days, seem to be the the same as your ‘later days’, and yes, to the facts )

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  2. And the church said “Amen.”

    I had an author get very huffy with me when I pointed out in a review of her historical fiction work that there was no king of England in the 1890s(!). She argued that it was “creative license,” because her readers wouldn’t understand that the Prince of Wales (to whom she was actually referring) was a member of the royal family(!). The next sound you heard, probably all the way at your house, was the sound of my head hitting the desk. I was mindboggled.

    Great article.

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  3. Absolutely! An author needs to know the facts. It may take weeks, even months of reading, interviewing experts and poking around on the internet, but it’s time well spent. I once read a book so riddled with false references to real events that I threw the piece of trash across the room.

    Love your accent . . . and your kilt! 🙂

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  4. Reblogged this on Author Don Massenzio and commented:
    Check out this post with some sage advice from Seumas Gallacher on checking your facts as an author from his blog.

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  5. Absolutely!!! … and when an author makes up ‘facts’ they too have to be plausible, even with the freedom of ‘suspended disbelief’.

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  6. I agree, dear Sir. I have contacted an archaeologist and medical examiner and spoke to them to get help for two of my books. I needed some truth for these books; it makes the story more real. @v@ ❤

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  7. Reblogged this on Writer's Treasure Chest and commented:
    Excellent advice, Seumas Gallacher. Thank you for sharing your experience with us!

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  8. A lovable ‘smart-ass’ it must be said m’lord…..Commented on the subject only yesterday.Fact-checking is a must. x

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  9. There seems to be a stronger character arc in literature than in real life doesn’t there? It just makes sense to check facts for books. A good post, Seumas. 🙂 — Suzanne

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