…a recap post : ‘…if yeez had a good pair of fitba’ boots, Jesus wanted yeez for a sunbeam…’

…I posted this exactly two years ago, but thought it worth another read during the current WURLD Cup :

Docklands, Govan in Glasgow in the 1950s mirrored life in most of the other huge urban conurbations in the UK… precious little money around… large families, tons of kids… infant schooling on the Scottish Education system was excellent, but we children only realised that many, many years later… but the parallel caring for our well-being, our religious and spiritual needs, were supported by a range of denominations… in amongst our parish tenements sprouted various Churches… Roman Catholic, Wee Free, Church of Scotland, Wesleyan, to name a sprinkling of them… and the one my parents chose to have me attend… the local Methodist outfit… now, I’ve grown up to respect the views and religious persuasions of others, including atheists, but since many years ago, I consider myself more ‘spiritual’ in approach to life than ‘denominated’… that I’m a ‘believer’ is enuff for me, without the need of being proselytized or the desire to ‘convert’ anyone else to my way of thinking… that aside, the early Methodist church affiliation was not without its highlights… not the least were the Children’s Sunday School mornings, where hordes of kids, with fresh-scrubbed faces, clean woolly jumpers and definitely clean handkerfchiefs, congregated for a couple of hours of organized  bedlam… the competition in the singing of the Sunday School songs had nothing to do with pitch, but always sung in the boisterous, preferred key of ‘Very Loud’… and we assorted waifs sang out the verses as enthusiastic ‘Fishers of Men’... one favourite was ‘Jesus wants me for a sunbeam’, which some smartie-pants amended to ‘Jesus wants me for a Morris Minor’, the Sunbeam brand of car being considered not the best of choices…


…and let’s not forget the need to fill the Church-affiliated ‘Life Boys’ social movement, whose primary activity on a Saturday was to play football against other Churches’ Life Boys’ squads, with teams usually being chosen on who had a pair of football boots…

fitba 2

…watching the WURLD Cup tournament currently in progress, I wonder how many of the wantonly overpaid ‘dying swan prima donna acrobats’ on these fields would have been better equipped to play if they had had a decent pair of football boots as kids, and had Jesus chosen them to be a sunbeam?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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5 responses to “…a recap post : ‘…if yeez had a good pair of fitba’ boots, Jesus wanted yeez for a sunbeam…’

  1. i love this, and the perfect time to reshare it –

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  2. Childhood sports has no doubt led many kids to a healthier lifestyle. —- Suzanne

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