…authors bashing other writers’ work?… how very dare they!…

…the other day, I read a post from my Facebook friend, the wunnerfully prolific Authoress, m’Lady, Charity Parkerson, in which she shared her annoyance at seeing some authors viciously ravaging other scribblers’ books…

…I am solidly in her corner with that sentiment… since the beginning of my own journey ten years ago into the magical mystery tour that constitutes an Author’s lot, I’ve been the recipient of fabulous support for my novels from other writers… I learned the tenet immediately that I am not in competition with other penspersons… the readership WURLD is large enuff to accommodate most of the production from our collective efforts… better it is then, by far, to encourage my fellows-in-print… very few books are written in less than months – sum’times it takes years, all of which absorbs the traditional sweat, angst, and tears and a large chunk of an author’s life… I find it extraordinary that anyone who has undergone even a fraction of that process would ever think of cutting to shreds another’s efforts… don’t mistake me, ‘criticism’ has a useful and necessary place in our industry, but I’d much prefer it be offered and received more as ‘critique’, intended to build up, rather than to tear down… it’s a given that not everyone will like my own style of writing, for example, and I in turn don’t embrace that of every single writer’s work that  I encounter… however, in the past, when I was in the habit of doing the occasional review, I refused to share publicly my review/opinion unless it was for  a minimum of four-stars or five-stars…

…I frequently reached out to others whose work rated less than that with me, offering my views and recommendations on how they might raise the standard, with the caveat that I only did so, having been through the experience myself of having others help me to improve… but, authors bashing other writers’ work?… how very dare they!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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30 responses to “…authors bashing other writers’ work?… how very dare they!…

  1. Amen, to that. Grace and respect for all those who have the courage to put their writing ‘out there’.

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  2. I’ve always had terrific support from other authors but it does make you wonder about their own capabilities. To paraphrase an old saying ‘Those who can-write. Those who can’t- bash.’ 😀

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  3. I’m glad I’m not alone in the sentiment.

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    Must share this one! Thanks Seumas!

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  5. I would guess the writers who bash the work of other writers extend that attitude into other areas of their lives. They sound to me like rude and envious people with a bad attitude. —- Suzanne

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    Check out this post from Seumas Gallacher’s blog on the topic of authors bashing other writers’ work.

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    More from young Seumas. 😉

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  8. Writers who do that are trolls. I know several. I’m sure most writers do. I left Goodreads because of them…

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  9. In my experience, as a therapist, I find such behavior is often due to their own insecurity. They strike out without thought and frequently without conscience. And one would do well to realize that such reviews are often a rant projecting their own fears. Bullies are everywhere.

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  10. I agree, kind Sir, There is no reason for that kind of behavior by other writer’s. I don’t mind a quick PM on Facebook to give advice, which I’ve had in the past, but to bash someone is horrible! @v@ ❤

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  11. Exactly! I met a writer a few weeks ago who had shared signing space and time with another author. That other author bought this man’s book and returned it online a few minutes later, after having posted a scathing one-star review of this man’s work. It seems he was angry for having to share his signing time with this man. Turns out this particular author makes a habit of doing this whenever he shares time with other writers.

    Can you believe this??? Writers need to be building each other up, not tearing down, as you say. It makes me sad when I see it happen, but imagine the bitterness in the heart of someone who behaves this way.

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  12. I agree entirely, Seumas. Objective criticism is fine, but the subjective and malicious gutting of another’s work is unacceptable. And like you, If would never give a low star ranking in a review. I’d just put the book aside.
    This sort of thing goes on among the ‘big boys’, highly successful published writers. It always has. But I find it particularly sad that it also exists among self published indie writers as we saw in the “Sock-puppeting” scandal a few years back. Disgraceful.

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