…you keep great literature alive by giving it away…

…a quick tally of books inhabiting my small cabinet/converted bookcase will not tax emb’dy’s counting abilities… I have a sum total of only approximately 120 books… an eclectic assortment of mostly fiction, and a smattering of nonfiction… some of the greatest writers’ opus productions (Steinbeck, Dickens, O’Hara, Ruark, Conan Doyle, Solzhenitsyn, Churchill) sit comfortably alongside two Oxford Dictionaries (yeez can never have enuff WURDS), some author-signed copies of writers whose scribblings I admire, a bible, a copy of the Quran, some ad hoc compilations of humorous and other quotations, a few treasured over-a century-old Gaelic poetry and prose collections, and of course, my own Jack Calder crime thrillers…

…it seems a lamentably minuscule residue from all the books I have purchased over the years… having lived abroad for decades, trips to London always included a purchasing raid on Waterstones, where tomes were bought by the luggage-terrorising mega-kilo… prior to leaving the UK, my appetite for reading was honed by chomping on the best offerings from various literary giants of England, Europe and the USA… a voracious intake, diminished over the years only by the immersion in the opposite end of the cycle by becoming an author myself… the through-put of reading material must aggregate in the thousands of books, so why the metaphorical mere ‘drop in the ocean’ reading on my shelves?… easy… apart from those ‘keeper’ volumes mentioned above, I rarely read a book a second time… thereafter, they serve principally as dust gatherers, albeit with treasures between their flyleaves…

…happily, along the way, I’ve met and enjoyed the company of many others who also admire good authors, and I freely give to them books I have read and savoured, with the request to pass them on when they have finished with them…  in my not-so-‘umble opinion, you keep great literature alive by giving it away… what about you, fellow bibliophiles?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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22 responses to “…you keep great literature alive by giving it away…

  1. Paperback novels I pass straight on, keeping only my favourites and rarely reading a book again. but I have too many passed on to me that are waiitng to be read as I now read lots of Indie Authors on my Kindle.

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  2. i totally agree and have developed a better ability to do so over the years –

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  3. allan hudson

    There are many novels I’ve read over, some several times. Can’t let the favorites go.

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  4. …yup, the 120 I keep are ‘forevers’… 🙂


  5. I love reading too, like so many other authors, and like you, Master Seumas. once in a while I clear out my book shelves and the ones I read and feel I won’t touch them again, are given to second hand book stores. They usually sell them for like 30 to 50 cents and someone else will be happy to read them. I do have a few ‘forevers’ like you. About 150. Most of them are ‘sold out’ and don’t exist anymore. I try to keep as many on my Kindle Reader as I can, but these are the books I love and re-read annually.
    I’m considering once being buried on them. LOL

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  7. So true. I share books all the time and others share their fav’s with me and I get introduced to all kinds of fun new stories. Love it.

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    …prior to leaving the UK, my appetite for reading was honed by chomping on the best offerings from various literary giants of England, Europe and the USA… Begs the question why give them away. You can bet your sweet life Seumas bought each and every one of them!!!

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  9. Having grown up in a house without books, I’m afraid I cannot pare the number down that much, I love having filled shelves. However, I do pass them on and share as well. Alas, there are always new ones arriving… 😉

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  10. We now have a scheme at my local park and ride where you pick up a book and read on the bus. Return or replace with another. Great idea. 🙂

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  11. My son took books I was clearing out to the used book store for points if he wasn’t interested in them. He now has a bedroom in his home with more book space than sleeping space. 😀 — Suzanne

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