…Authors… how my ‘Jack Calder’ character developed…

…ten  years ago, Master Gallacher had a faint notion to ‘write that book’ we all supposedly have in us… frankly, it was never intended to roll on into more than that initial novel, THE VIOLIN MAN’S LEGACY… the Jack Calder crime thriller series now has segued into five titles on Auntie Amazon Kindle, with a sixth as Work In Progress, and with an aggregate of more than 100,000 copies downloaded to date (gazillion thanks, you wunnerful, supportive readers!)… given that stretch of time, I can look back on how the various stages of development of Jack Calder’s character have evolved… it may be of interest to some of my fellow-scribblers as they trudge the same happy path to literary destiny…

PHASE ONE : The faint idea of a male character forms in my wee grey cells… NUTHIN more than that… a big guy, ‘coz he’s former SAS… a reasonably fit physique, ‘coz he’s gonna be involved in some fighting action… give him a bit of height, six foot two inches tall, blue eyes and blondish hair… nationality, Scottish… even more localized – from Docklands Govan in Glasgow, coz that’s my own birthplace and stamping ground… write what you know about, they said, right?… right!…

PHASE TWO : Along comes some of the ‘humanising’ stuff… feelings, emotions… particularly for this  ‘hard, tough-as-nails’ guy… it’s amazing how sensible it seems to have even this ‘trained-to-the-nth-to-kill’ legal assassin show that it’s not all ‘breathe-kill-breathe-kill again-have dinner-sleep’… that in the quiet recesses of his own mind there are conflicts, questions of morality…

PHASE THREE: More incidences of interaction with others around him… close friendships… even loving relationships… demonstrations of caring… the counterpoint to the ‘day job’ requirements… only a handful of ‘forever buddies’, regardless of how many ‘acquaintances’ he may acquire… vulnerabilities that nobody else is permitted to see, apart from his ‘significant other’

PHASE FOUR: Driven more by ‘what-is-right’ rather than by ‘what-pays-tons-of-money’...

PHASE FIVE: The full character is now recognisable to the reader… the prevailing narrative can leave unstated much of what impacts the character as he goes about his business, as the reader is now equipped to formulate that piece of the writing in his or her own mind, allowing me as the author to focus on other ‘bits’ of the story…

… so there you are – Master Gallacher’s understanding of how his characters come ‘alive’… for other players in the cast, shake the bottle and repeat ‘ad inforeverum’… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!













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13 responses to “…Authors… how my ‘Jack Calder’ character developed…

  1. Geez, Seumas, you’ve got a ton of book written under the pen. I’ll have to check them out. Interesting how you developed the main character. That’s what we all try to do. I’m having fun with mine, it’s me so just need to just develop the character arc. Happy Weekend! 📚 Christine

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  2. …hi,m’Lady,Christine.. it’s just one page at a time, and lo and behold, they appear ! LUVZYA! mwaah! 🙂

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  3. My characters tend to tell me what to say, so it was an eye opener when I was asked to describe them for a blog post. Perhaps we mere authors only learn about their private thoughts when they let us? 😀 Interesting to hear how Jack came into being, Seumas. Mwaah. x

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  4. …yes, that ‘committee meeting’ takes place in my head more often as not! 🙂

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    More from our man in the Middle East – That Man

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  6. Even bad guys love their mother/friend/sister or whoever. It’s that rounded characterisation that makes writing such a joy to read. 🙂

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  7. Reblogged this on Writer's Treasure Chest and commented:
    Seumas Gallacher talks about the development of his character Jack Calder. An interesting and fascinating read of a very gifted author. Thank you, Master Seumas!

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  8. Sounds familiar. One question, do your characters have that tendency to tell you “Hey, I’m not doing that…. not my style… this is what I should be doing…” I get a lot of that from my characters. For me it’s a constant learning curve as I delve deeper into them.

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