…Authors… it’s time to come to terms with our awesomeness…

…this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler is grateful for whatever Providence it was which compelled me to join my local library when I was only four years old…

…the Elder Park Public Library at Langlands Road in Dockside Govan in Glasgow seems an improbable  galaxy away from where I currently sit, perched in my writing eyrie in the Middle East (I live on the 44th level of a tower block encompassed by sand dunes and the waters of the Arabian Gulf – it’s almost high enuff to see Scotland from here!)… even at this distance in time, I can savour the delight and pleasure that leapt from the pages of the volumes borrowed from the junior section shelves…

…as my ability to devour older-pitched WURKS by my Authorial Gods, the Steinbeck-es, the Dickens-es, the Vernes-es, the O’Hara-es, the Umberto-es, the Ruark-es, the myriad legions of great writers, the deeper grew my appreciation of what treasures unfolded from their minds… their incredible gift of transporting others to lands and universes at the turn of a page… and I relate that phenomenon to the countless millions (yes, Mabel… millions) of we present-day toilers-of-the-laptops, the fillers-up-of-table-napkins-with-story-ideas… whatever we may self-deprecatingly think of our own efforts to transcribe from our wee grey cells to our books, novels, poems, and plays – we are creating sum’thing that sumb’dy, sum’where, is going to marvel at…

…the ubiquitous doubt that frequently creeps into our heads about whether or not our stuff is ‘good enuff’, can be kicked into touch… I really should not be surprised, but still am from time to time, when I come across a phrase or even just a WURD in an emerging Author’s book, where I have to stop for a moment and say, ‘wow!’… all of us who write have that inherent gift… Authors… it’s time to come to terms with our awesomeness… enjoy!… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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12 responses to “…Authors… it’s time to come to terms with our awesomeness…

  1. As well as coming to terms with our awesomeness, I am also trying to imagine what it is like to live on the 44th floor, as I sit upstairs one floor looking out on my damp autumnal garden!

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    A wee message from Seumas…

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  3. Nice one, Seumas. Makes my day.

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    More from young Seumas 😉

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  5. Hi Seumas, Great memories.. I wish more people wrote and read! We are such a blessed community and the older I get (don’t ask…) the more curious while contented I become at the mere thought and magic of communication and ‘still learning.’ If you are fortunate enough to be injected with a love of words, as I woz..(you too Seumas!) you need never be lonely. What those modest 26 letters offer is an endless supply of entertainment, fulfilment (OK sometimes frustration…) BUT when they work, boy do they work! I may sidle instead of leap out of bed these days, but I always look forward to turning on my computer and ‘tuning in’ to someone,(always you),.often thousands of miles away. And to curl up and read a good book is a joy too often underplayed. Now and then, when my words hit the right note and someone actually tells me so, it’s worth more than money. (Just as well…) Continued happy readin’ and writin’ m’lord. Hugs. xx.

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  6. Living that high up, Seumas almost puts you on another plane of existence. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂 — Suzanne

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