…seriously, would you buy a used bank from this man?

…the Passage of Time is a great distortionist… this mug shot above of Master Gallacher, in my prime as a Fully-Fledged Master of the Financial Universe was captured around 35 years ago… a generation away… a lifetime for some… and yet, it seems so recent… how skillful the mind tricks that can visit me… I was the Chief Trader and Treasurer for a financial institution in Hong Kong, called Wardley Limited… the merchant banking arm at the time of what was the mighty Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation… since then Wardley has morphed into ‘HSBC Investment Asia Holdings Limited’, while the parent has seen its glorious monicker contract into a rather paltry, ‘HSBC’… liquidity sloshed around the Asian markets then in billions rather than millions of dollars…

…it was an exciting and fun period… changes in appearance have been made not only to Wardley and HSBC but also to my own image… gone is the Zapata mustache… gone is the Beatles-style of top hair… chameleonised from the dark thatch to a somewhat lighter crop (but still there in full!)… the sharp, always white shirt, replaced with more modern-coloured attire, and who would ever wear so thin a necktie nowadays?… the pinkie-finger ring, a memento of my time at Harvard’s Advanced Management Program (not-so-subtle name-drop, there!) has found another place to hide… spectacles now adorn the bridge of my nose, a result not of creeping age, but of a naughty attack of shingles on my face and left eye earlier this year… oh, yes. and please note that instrument I’m holding… with its strange, black, twisty cord protruding from the bottom of it… a real landline telephone… a collector’s item prob’ly these days… the pinstripe suit has been replaced with a succession of less ‘in-yer-face-financier’ garb… but observe the earnest, honest stare from these eyes… seriously, would you buy a used bank from this man?… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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17 responses to “…seriously, would you buy a used bank from this man?

  1. The same twinkle in the eye, though, Seumas! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. In a heartbeat. If I had more money than Croesus. Which I don’t ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  3. Used probably, Soiled probably-not.

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  4. rohini99

    I might. I bought a book or two of his.

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  5. I’m waiting for some exciting-sounding music, heavy on the synth-drum while the opening credits roll as you stride through cool, glass doors and tweak your cuff links meaningfully, glaring at your underlings…
    That’s what the photo says to me, Seumas!

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  6. What an earnest lad he was. ๐Ÿ˜€


  7. You’re still accomplishing a lot, Seumas. A lot has changed for a good many of us. I know you’ll keep up the progress. ๐Ÿ™‚ — Suzanne


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    Used banker anybody???


  9. Possibly, yes….IF I had the money. How could I have resisted the charm?! Obviously there’s more to you than meets the eye (isn’t that true of everyone?!) but I have a strong feeling, Seumas, and would put money down… that your life story would make a super film! Hugs,m’lord. xx


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    Master Seumas Gallacher posted a blog post about, what I think is, a ‘change of times’. As usually he not only writes humorous and thoughtful, but also provides us with pictures from his past. Thank you, Master Gallacher!

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