…I’ve become a ghost… and I’m LUVVIN it!

…2018 was a year in which as a writer, I successfully disappeared… physically, there’s still a lot of me, bulk-wise, than p’raps there should be, but as I harbour a great passion for non-exercise, my solid frame is unlikely to diminish much in the near future… oh, yes, of course, my presence is still highly active on the SOSYAL NETWURKS, and that in itself IS writing, but the majority of my scribbling during the preceding twelve months has been that of a ghostwriter for autobiographies… no less than four separate individuals entrusted me with producing their life stories… and what a series of journeys that has entailed… like most things in my career, it happened almost by accident, when one gentleman who knows that I ‘write a bit’ thought it would be a good idea to ask me to get his story written… we agreed a price, and then I set about it in my usual manner – as a business proposition… a schedule of face-to-face meetings, an outline skeleton of the phases for the narrative, then listening, listening, listening

…it’s amazing how much one can ‘hear’ that’s not actually spoken… the halt in a man’s telling of emotional highs and lows in his existence… the glint in his eyes when you know incidents have left a lasting glorious memory with him… and the dark shadow across his mien at the recollection of disturbing times… slowly, the memoirs build… the shape of a man’s trip from childhood into manhood and maturity… the philosophies that attach themselves on the way through… and for some, the urgent desire to ‘leave sum’thing behind’ for family and descendants… a record of what has gone before…

…none of these projects were driven by ego… indeed, often I had to strive to insist that the positives get included in the personal history… and when they were done, the sense of immense humility I felt after each assignment was palpable… that special humility that comes from knowing that a person has spent weeks and months telling me, at first a complete stranger, some of the most intimate details of their life experiences… I know that I am much the better for each of their sharings… see yeez later … LUV YEEZ!




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10 responses to “…I’ve become a ghost… and I’m LUVVIN it!

  1. Fascinating your new journey, Seumas. That would be an enormous task for me, I know, to keep myself out of the narrative I am helping the other to create. A bit of a psychoanalyst, I’d imagine, along with scribe.

    Kudos all over you, my friend.


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  2. I hope you get back to writing your own tales in the new year.

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  3. Seumas, gostwriting, what an interesting undertaking! I can imagine the revelations during the process. Co-authoring much the same for me. I put others stories together, and the benefit was two-fold. Happy Holidays & Happy Writing your book! 📚🎶 Christine

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  4. Congratulations, Seumas to this new string to your bow. I have a good writing buddy who also assists other folks with their life writing projects and she echoes your sense of satisfaction at helping people get their projects in a readable form for their loved ones.

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  5. All the best in your new area of writing, Seumas. 🙂 — Suzanne

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