…Seumas (Casper the Ghost?) Gallacher…

…my grateful thanks for some of my Guest Posters over the past few weeks who have helped to keep my blog alive, while I was BDOT (Busy Doing Other Things)… I make no apologies for the absence, as pressure of the day job (which pays the light bulbs and printer ribbons) have seen each day filled with ‘stuff’… part of that ‘stuff’, frankly, has been a commercial stream of business allied to my writing… I’ve alluded to it a few times last year, and it has grown into a sizable chunk of my waking day… ghostwriting… sum’how, (thankfully), the WURD has gone out that Master Gallacher ‘writes a bit, and writes rather well’ – so much so, I have just embarked on my eighth ghostwriting engagement in the past twelve months, doing autobiographies and family/corporate histories… the personal biographical commissions are absolutely, mind-blowingly humbling… to have sumb’dy trust in my  confidentiality as they tell stories about themselves and their lives, some elements of which they have never shared with another soul until talking with me… it’s unlike any other sharing experience I have encountered in a career in which, at times, I have been a counsellor and a private confidante… this stuff is different and it is special… my sixth Jack Calder crime thriller is still bubbling away as Work-In-Prigress, but ever so slowly, and I’m okay with that,,, the book gets done when it gets done… I have resisted trying to force-pace that one, as I know that would not produce my own level of optimum writing standard… so, as I morph into ‘The Phantom of the Laptop’, I have to guard against shouting ‘Boo!’ at the screen every now and then… I think I scare my Mac enuff as it is… meantime, my novels are still available as noted here…











…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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18 responses to “…Seumas (Casper the Ghost?) Gallacher…

  1. Wow, Seumas! Your ghostwriting has taken off nicely. Wonder if you are titled as coauther or just thanked for your collaboration? I’ve coauthored 2 WIPS and unfortunately both of the people passed on. It’s up to me to finish their books if I choose. 📚🎶 Christine

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  2. …frankly, the engagements are well-paid, and for an author working on commission, that’s good enough for me – some may mention me in the acknowledgments for my ‘editorial guidance’ – all is okay with me 🙂 ..

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  3. I hope Casper has a suitable kilt, Seumas. 😀 Seriously, it must be a fascinating line of work, and as you say, very humbling. Being nosy, are you only involved in the writing side, or do you take them to the final publication stage? Doing something different whilst Jack Calder is having a holiday will mean he’ll be back stronger then ever when he’s good and ready.

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  4. That is an impressive turnover, no wonder you’ve been MIA on the blog, Seumas. Congratulations:)

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  5. Fascinating, Casper…ur, I mean Seumas. Ghostwriting is not easy, but I’m sure you have a way of bringing out the best stories from each of your clients.

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    • …the subject normally gets even more interested in the process as they see it develop into something they had not previously considered possible… their own story told partly in there own words and partly from an interpretation of their version 🙂

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  7. Hi Seumas, Pleased to hear you’re well and busy….I have ‘ghosted’ two books in the last five years and found the process most interesting. For one I received a fair rate of pay; but was left in debt over the other…Anyone thinking of doing the same, do check and make sure the contract is kosher.xx

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  8. Congratulations on how well your ghostwriting is doing, Seumas. I can see how your time must be filled when you’re also working on your next novel. All the best. 🙂 — Suzanne


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