…it’s not often that this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler has been present at the birth of a new word… but one such memorable occasion presented itself many, many moons ago… it happened during that part of my career when I was part of the legions of Financial Masters of the Universe, as the embodied historical photograph of the yesteryear money market/foreign exchange maestro in the dealing room in Hong Kong here indicates…

…part of the role of being a prominent F.M.U. entailed, (naturally), whizzing around the globe, ostensibly arranging mega-billions worth of deals (Master Soros, eat yer heart out!)… a trip from the Far East had my itinerary taking in financial institutional visits in London, then carrying on to Noo Yawk in ‘Murica, to repeat the exercise with some of our American banking friends… I usually travelled light, with merely hand luggage and a laptop… the F.M.U. status, of course, warranted First Class tickets all the way… in the British Airways First Class lounge at Heathrow Airport. it transpired that the First Class flight seats had been over-booked and the offer was made to emb’dy with hand luggage only, holding a First Class ticket, to be transferred to a Concorde flight, departing for Noo Yawk around the same time… I volunteered, as I had never flown with the Big-Beaked Bird before…

…soon afterward, I settled into my seat, and the plane took off across the Pond… now comes the good part… a little while into the flight, the pilot came on the intercon to address us… y’know, there are posh English voices, and there are really posh English voices… this lad was in a superior vocal act, all of his own… and of course he had a double-barrelled monicker, …‘Good afternoon, Ladies and Gentlemen… this is your Captain speaking, Charles Bloominfort-Huntingdon… welcome aboard this most S’TRODN’RY aircraft’… ‘STRODN’RY’?… he’d just invented a brand new word for me!… he had me in stitches right there, so much so, I lost the gist of most of what else he said, except the closing sentence, ‘If you should require any assistance, our butler, Mister Kenneth, will be on hand with your caviar and champagne!’… not being an imbiber of alcohol by that time in my life, there was little else of luxurious note during the flight… in fact, apart from the great boon of getting to the destination supersonically in about half the normal time, the rattling across the skies in this oversized cigar tube was quite uncomfortable… the seats, all mono-class, of course, supposedly First Class, were less than the size of the normal Business Class seats on the standard British Airways flights… but, the plane was ‘S’TRODN’RY’… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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11 responses to “…’S’TRODN’RY!’

  1. ’S’TRODN’RY!’, that man. nice ‘tache too.


  2. I like that word, delightful story

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  3. Ken MacAulay

    Dealing with those ‘Merkins sure can be a hairy experience, Seumas! 🙂


  4. Pretty amazing piece of machinery. ’S’TRODN’RY!’ even. 🙂


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  6. That’s some “Viva Zapata” moustache you had there, Seumas. S’TRODN ‘RY even. Hugs xx

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  7. I wonder if he was a fan of Monty Python. I loved the part about the butler. 😀 — Suzanne


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