…from the tip of my toes, to the tip of my other toes…

…some of you are aware that in my early teens in Docklands, Govan in Scotland, I spent a couple of years as a semi-professional footballer… the rough and tumble of these matches  were part and parcel of the game back then, meaning that my legs, feet and toes were subject to crushing tackles and constant abrasion… I thought little of these onslaughts on my lower limbs in those days… I have also had my fair share of ‘finding the bottoms of chairlegs and other furniture in the dark’ with various of my toes… excruciating as was the shock of pain these encounters generated, they were all short-lived episodes… but NUTHIN, and I mean NUTHIN, in my career had ever mentally prepared me for my first-ever visit to have a (whisper it in macho company, please ) pedicure!... aye, having somebody address the nails, the hard skin, the uncut and uncute cuticles, the toughened heels…

…to be perfectly frank, the trepidation of considering a visit to ‘le salon des pieds’ was overcome by realising that the exertion of bending over my stomach to reach the pedal extremities was becoming increasingly tiresome… the puffing and blowing made my mind up… the lady pedicurist at the salon took aboard my protestations  that ‘this was my first time, so please be gentle with me!’… in fairness, the entire process was astonishingly easy… a foot bath, a scrubbing brush plied to the soles of my feet, more ticklish than pain-inducing… clipping of the nails themselves (those grotesque features)…and the trimming of the cuticles with a sharp razorish implement created a nippy moment or three, but I was incredibly brave and didn’t wince (much)…

…a final, rather satisfying foot massage topped off (or should that be ‘bottomed off’) the forty-five minutes that it all took… was it is as scary as I felt it might be?… would I be loathe to go again?… neither!…step aside, I’m diarised for another session as soon as these toenails look even a wee bit overgrown… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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7 responses to “…from the tip of my toes, to the tip of my other toes…

  1. I’ll bet it’s nicer than trying to massage your own feet, Seumas – I might just give it a go myself 👍😃


  2. As we get older that bending over we took for granted in our youth becomes harder and harder, then impossible for many. Little did we realize. 😦 — Suzanne


  3. Mark Russell

    No going back now, Seumas! It’s seriously therapeutic……
    Best M


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