…I wanna thank all my ‘past Me’s’ for Me…

…it occurs to this ol’ Scots Jurassic scribbler that when the notion of ‘role models’ comes up, it seems to make sense to look no further than the various versions of myself that I have been during my own lifetime… daft?… maybe… but when I consider that the only person in this world who knows me as well as myself is me!… having demonstrated comparative longevity, all the reference points, and the all the pivotal decision-making junctures of my life had one common factor present… myself, again… so, here’s a wee list of the ‘thank you’s owed to the diverse manifestations of Master Gallacher:

  1. To the wee boy who lived and laughed his way through an infancy in the slums of Docklands, Govan in Glasgow, thank you for instilling the native grit that comes with germoline-plastered cuts and scrapes… that comes from the raw welts that plant themselves on a wee boy’s calves from the tops of rain-drenched, wet wellington boots… that comes from the stretching-out of two slices of corned beef on trimmed-down ‘back-ends’ of Miranda bread loaves to share with three siblings for supper…
  2. To the growing teenager with seemingly endless energy (where the  hell did that go?) thank you for the stamina to practice endlessly, night after night in the nearby Elder Park with a football at his feet and make it into the ranks of a Scottish First Division football team at the age of barely 15…
  3. To the same lad, applying whatever brains his God had blessed him with, thank you for enjoying studying and gaining free scholarships to a posh fee-paying school in Glasgow, which education has proved priceless over the subsequent decades…
  4. To the young, emerging adult, making a living away from home after falling out with his father, thank you for staying true to your work ethic and ‘making something of himself that his mother would have been proud of’5.To the maturing man whose outlook on life changed from a blinkered, limited, perspective on people, thank you for daring to move abroad and learning what joy there is in the diverse company of good folks from other cultures and backgrounds…


6.To the aging writer, thank you for discovering what immense pleasures exist in writing, creating poetries and stories, and wondering ‘where did all that good narrative stuff come from?’…


…to all those metamorphosed ‘Master Gallachers’, …I wanna thank all my ‘past Me’s for Me…

…see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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17 responses to “…I wanna thank all my ‘past Me’s’ for Me…

  1. Ye’ve done a braw job o’ yersel, Seumas 👍😃

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  2. The kilt makes me swoon!😉

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  3. Thank you past yous for making the present you so awesome!

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  4. Now, that’s what I call becoming comfortable in one’s own skin. 🙂


  5. What a lovely set of you there has been Seumas. Lovely. ❤

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  6. What a wonderful idea! We should all thank our past selves for bringing us through each stage of life, and bringing us here, as writers, and as Christine said above, comfortable and happy with who we are. xo

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  7. What a wonderful and positive thanks to the , ME’s ‘ of yourself.
    They are endearing at all the stages. It is great to look at what positive value all stages has brought you
    I feel now quite taken to do a similar – for my archives. 😊


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  8. Well done all the ‘me’s’ for combining into the current inimitable ‘you’s.’ 😀 x

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