…understood? comprende? capisco? unnerstaun? gorrit?… a word up your nose…

Master Gallacher has never been, and hopes never ever to be, a Grammar Nazi… I have been blessed with a good literary education (a luxury which is denied to most of the world’s population)… equally, my career has taken me to geographies far and beyond my homeland shores (again, an indulgence beyond the reach of many)… my skills in the English language are many multiples better than any of the smatterings I have picked up in another half a dozen tongues in my sojourns… I have worked and lived amongst countless people whose first language is not English … indeed, it could be argued in some quarters, that my upbringing in Docklands Govan in Glasgow equipped me with a strain of English unintelligible even to other British citizens… it is with great annoyance, therefore that I react when the Grammar Nazis offload their salvoes at others whose diction, linguistics and writing powers are not of Oxford/Cambridge/Eton standards…

…I worked in Hong Kong, where most of the inhabitants can handle basic English… my Cantonese took years to muster even a passing familiarity with it… in the Philippines, a superb level of English is found almost everywhere, but the level, mundane at best, of my Tagalong was gained after a decade in the learning… a slogful of academic tuition brought my French merely within a shoulder-shrug and whiff of garlicised Parisien patois… I detest the sneering put-downs of anyone who tries to speak or write in a language other than their mother tongue… the same with the scoffers when a word or phrase is used that is not perfect… my thoughts are simple… if I can understand the meaning or drift of whatever someone is trying to convey to me, that’s plenty good enuff,.. and I heartily applaud their effort… if I attempted to respond in the native language of the speaker, chances are high that I would have it totally garbled… and frankly, I believe the same thing would apply to the Grammar Nazis if they tried it, too… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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12 responses to “…understood? comprende? capisco? unnerstaun? gorrit?… a word up your nose…

  1. Well said that man 👍
    To scoff at others whose english is not ‘perfect’, especially if it’s not their native language, is abhorrent.
    Especially if the scoffers idea of speaking a foreign language, is to speak pidgin english S.L.O.W.L.Y. and L.O.U.D.L.Y. 😎

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  2. Oh yes – far too much sneering goes on regarding the way people speak.

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  3. I agree. As long as the meaning is clear enough, the wording isn’t so important, especially not just in general conversation. It matters a little more in writing, but even then I think there should be some wiggle room to allow for different backgrounds.

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  4. Mela! My ‘tag-a-long’ 😀 is non existent, but there’s a big difference between snidy (or rather, snidey) grammar police and a genuine interest in helping others improve their understanding of a language. It all depends on the doner (er, I mean donor) and the recp.., recep.. person on the other end, and the intention behind the correction. Innit? Mwaah. x

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  5. Master Gallacher, have you been off the interwebz for a wee bit, or am I not getting notifications of your posts like I used to? WordPress being what it is, it could be the latter though. 😀

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  6. hi… my WordPress blogs have been a bit sparse this past few weeks , with the weight of project work ( principally the corporate day job, and in between, doing the engagements for ghostwriting autobiographies! … I’m still very busy on Facebook, however, as that is my sedative for the daily grind 🙂

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  7. I always corrected my children and still do my grands, but only because I want them to know how if or when they need it. But I’d never presume to do that to anyone else just trying to communicate- not in person or online. Glad to see you around again!

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