…honesty in memoir-writing… a double-edged sword…

…as a writer, I love paradox… the creative balance… peak and trough… princes and paupers… sweet and sour… I shamelessly strive for emotive expression in my novels… breathing feelings into what happens to my characters… Lawd knows, they cause me enough angst when I write about them… therefore, it should have come as no surprise to me when I embarked on the ambitious project of writing my own biography… the twin imposters of delight and melancholy currently visit with great regularity as the chapters of my life unfold on my laptop… from the outset, I decided it would not be an ego trip, cataloguing whatever achievements may have been my lot, but to attempt to balance the tome with as much gut honesty as I can muster… that’s where the pain resides… it has been remarkable how the distance of time has removed some of the jagged edges of some events I’d rather not have had happen… and equally to recognise that success is also a relative concept, which lessens with the passage of the years …

…what is confirmed for me in the writing of the biography, is that every moment, every event, good, bad and indifferent, was necessary to bring me to this moment in my existence… and I am grateful for each second of it… I’m the only person who sleeps in my head each night… the ‘no bullshit’ zone… these days, I kinda like the guy who stares back at me from the shaving mirror every morning… it wasn’t always that way… time, tolerance and acceptance of many things come with the passage of time… some will call that experience… I treat it as a continuous learning curve…

…I’m not truly conscious of ‘why’ I wanted to get the memoir written, and now it doesn’t matter… I am so pleased that I’m following through with it… honesty in memoir-writing… a double-edged sword… the title I’ve chosen, – STRANGELY, I’M STILL HERE – AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY – may give a wee insight into the contents… target date for completion and uploading to Auntie Amazon Kindle is within the next four to six weeks, but I have a strong urge to get it finished as soon as possible, so that launch date may be brought forward… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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25 responses to “…honesty in memoir-writing… a double-edged sword…

  1. I’ve considered this as well, with all of the ups and downs of it, but I agree, it is your story and no one else has lived it, why not tell the truth? I look forward to this book!!

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  2. I see, from the top pic, you are related to Iron Man. Will your memoir talk about this?


  3. Wow, Seumas! Congrats, you’re close to the end of your memoir. Looking forward to reading it! Yep, honesty in those words from your heart are what drives the story. I’m so glad I did that in my writing. Even though it was in the third person, there’s no distance. Happy writing! 📚🎶 Christine

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  4. rohini99

    My dear Seumas… you’ll still be here, definitely in the hearts of your BWC family for many years! And well done on the speed at which you’ve penned this down!

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  5. A difficult task, Seumas, but I expect no less than brilliance, (which I’m sure you’ll manage.) 😀 Mwaah. x

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  6. Yes… I’ve taught a lot of people who had started writing writing their memoirs – and stumbled over this business of what to leave out and what to include. Congratulations on the completion of what is going to be a very full life, unless you’ve been fibbing all these years on your blog:))). Seriously, I’m hugely impressed.

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  7. …mwaaaaah, m’Lady, Sarah… without the honesty, it wouldn’t make sense… 🙂 🙂 🙂


  8. Anne Millen

    There’s lots of us ‘quite like you’ Seumas. And nobody quite like you! Looking f’w’d to your biog.

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  9. That could be an accurate choice of titles for the life story of some of us. It could easily be considered amazing that we lived through some of the things we put ourselves through. Whether we came through with a sound mind would be a point of discussion. 🙂

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  10. May launching your memoir and seeing it soar prove to be an adventure of a lifetime, Seumas!


  11. Seamus, I was delighted reading just now that your memoir soon is being published. That will be one intriguing book, methinks.
    ” Strangely I am still here ” is a great title.
    I will be checking out on my Kindle 😊 .


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  13. You’re a “one-off” Seumas and I’m looking forward to the read. Hearty congratulations – and I’m already laughing!! Hugs x


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    More from that man Seumas…


  15. All the best on the success of your memoir, Seumas. 🙂 — Suzanne


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