Seumas Gallacher … Writing my autobiography – the best therapy ever

My dear Authoress friend, Susan Toy, has put this on her blog today… as ever, I am indebted to her beyond count…

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Here’s a guest post from one of my favourite authors,Seumas Gallacher, published here on the occasion of the release of his new autobiography,STRANGELY I’M STILL HERE! I purchased and read a copy immediately upon its being listed, and I include my review here of the book, as well as an original piece that Seumas has provided to me for this guest blog post. (Links to purchase a copy of this book and all others written and published by him will be found at his own blogsite:Seumas Gallacher – Author

This is my review of Strangely, I’m Still Here: An Autobiography

What A Life!

I previously read everything Seumas Gallacher had written and published – fiction, non-fiction, poetry. So I was very motivated to purchase and read his autobiography and to find out more about this author whose work I had enjoyed so much. I…

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2 responses to “Seumas Gallacher … Writing my autobiography – the best therapy ever

  1. Thank you for being such a congenial guest, kind sir!


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