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Glaswegian in Abu Dhabi enjoys second career as bestselling author

Seumas Gallacher, long-term expat, self-published author and rising social media star, pauses for a moment over his fish supper and a question I’ve posed to him about why he thinks his books and his blog are faring so well. “I’m told my name lends itself to authorship because it’s a little different,” he answers.


Alana Woods interview’s Seumas Gallacher, author of The Violin Man’s Legacy

Last week I began to accompany my book reviews with interviews of the authors. My thinking was that readers might like to find out some behind-the-scenes facts about the books reviewed. My aim with reviews is to do one a week but interviewing the author adds complexity because in all fairness they need a bit of time to respond to questions. Depending on the amount of time I give them to respond this may mean sometimes carrying over to the next Sunday.

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THRILLER-WRITER (The random scribbling of a novelist)

…throwing a spammer in the works…(or, letting it all hang out there…) 

My pal and fellow scribbler, Eric Gates, him what’s let me loose on his virtual space without so much as an Interpol disclaimer or an Alsatian dog-handler present, has asked me to give some insight into life as an author in the Middle East, given that many of *us/we/us (*delete whichever you can’t grammatically handle) professional expatriate souls ply our trade in similar far-flung foreign fiefdoms (try saying that six times swiftly with a dram or three aboard.) Specifically what, if any, restrictive impact there may be creating a marketing presence for our books.

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Vengeance Wears Black By Seumas Gallacher (Reviewed by R. Murry) followed by Interview with Seumas Gallacher

The plot has been used so may times: The good guys against the bad guys. However, Mr. Gallacher’s intriguing spin on that basic theme has flashes of believably events that brings in the reader. We know that drugs and prostitutes are sold around the world, but what is being done to curtail these criminal activities.

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Is Self-publishing for you?

I wanted to continue the blog with the self-publishing theme. We have all had to come to a cross-roads in our publishing career. Whether it’s starting out as a traditional author and deciding to self-publish novels you have your rights back to, completely self-publish, self-publish along with traditional publish, or even traditional publish while letting your agent’s self-publishing model publish your shorts (we will talk about this on Monday), everyone’s experience is different.

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Is Self-publishing for you? Seumas Gallacher: Vengeance Wears black

The Plain welcomes Seumas Gallacher, visiting today from Abu Dhabi to introduce his newly released crime thriller, Vengeance Wears Black. ‘Vengeance’ features ex-SAS soldier/security specialist Jack Calder, who first appeared in Seumas’s debut novel, The Violin Man’s Legacy.
Pull up a chair and tell us something about yourself, Seumas. Where are you from? I came kicking and screaming into this world a pension’s years ago in Scotland in a little fishing village on the River Clyde, called Glasgow. It’s got about a million inhabitants now, but I don’t remember seeing half of them.

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Seumas Gallacher … an interview by O.G. Tomes

When did you realize you were a writer?

About ten seconds ago when you used the word here. I remember a story long ago someone told me about a carpenter who lived alone in a cottage in a village in the countryside. He died, and when people were clearing out his cottage they found a box filled with hitherto unseen wonderful poems that he had written over a period of some sixty years. They set to wondering, ‘had he been a carpenter who happened to be a poet, or was he a poet who happened to be a carpenter?’ I think each of us is capable of revealing many layers. I have some poems I wrote dating back to 1964, and many others that I’ve lost on the way through this great journey called living.

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The Violin Man’s Legacy (review)


Written by Seumas Gallacher – Jack Calder is an ex-SAS soldier working with former colleagues in ISP, a specialist security firm. He is sent to investigate a diamond heist in Utrecht, but swiftly learns that there is a very strong Far East connection. He then travels to Hong Kong where he meets the glamorous chief of ISP’s local bureau, May-Ling. Together they begin to unravel a complex web of corruption. The twin spiders at the centre of this web are the Chan brothers, leaders of one of Hong Kong’s most ruthless and powerful triads.

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Author Interview with Seumas Gallacher

Today’s interview is with Scottish writer Seumas Gallacher. A retired banker, Seumas is no stranger to money and his bestselling novel, The Violin Man’s Legacy, has sold over 16,000 copies since it was published.

The Violin Man’s Legacy reached number 3 in Amazon UK thrillers section,(most of the downloads have been from Amazon UK) and has been in and out of the top twenty on more than 80 different days.

Seumas takes a straight talking approach to life and there is a lot of good advice here for both new and struggling writers.

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Adventures in e-publishing part 14 – interview with Seumas Gallacher.

Today’s adventurer in e-publishing is Seumas Gallacher, author and self-publisher of The Violin Man’s Legacy ebook. Seumas has achieved staggering success with his novel, reaching no.3 in the Amazon UK bestseller thriller chart.

RM: So, Seumas, could you start by telling us how many sales and/or free downloads of The Violin Man’s Legacy there have been so far—if you don’t mind sharing that information?

SG: I’m delighted to share the numbers with you. Paid downloads are 16,000+, and the Kindle free promo just completed drew another 8,000+, for a total so far of 24,000+, which just blows my mind as an unknown unpublished new author.

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As much fun as you can have clothed.

And now, time to introduce Seumas…fully clothed:

Seumas Gallacher

Now I’m on the tiger, I can’t get off..
… and I really don’t want to get off. You know these crazy bucket lists, somewhere between ‘saving Africa from Justin Beiber’ and ‘getting everybody in France to speak English’? I’ve had tons of them. As a kid I wanted to be a drummer, then a football player, Scottish style (very elegant ball dribbler). That was superseded by a yearn to make tons of money as a gambling bookie. Next up came the Stones and Eric Clapton and Freddy Mercury…all change again, front man in a great band it had to be. Then along came that thing that John Lennon spoke about, ‘life happening when you’re busy doing other things..’ Oh, yeah, life. That thing. Well that thing triggered off with the standard Glasgow practice issue of punching my father out when I was fifteen, and off I went with a duffle bag and an old acoustic guitar, into that big wonderful world out there.

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THE SCOTTISH SUN (published: 27 September 2011)

Banker to bestseller

By: Chris Sweeney
Former high-flying banker Seumas Gallacher has turned himself into a best-selling self published. The 63-year-old penned his debut novel The Violin Man’s Legacy after reading a self-help book. It follows a team of ex-SAS commandos tracking down a crack gang of diamond thieves.

And it’s now a HUGE hit — despite getting the cold shoulder from every publisher he contacted.


An interview with Seumas Gallacher

Seumas Gallacher is a writer based in Abu Dhabi, where he does corporate turnaround and restructuring engagements. He’s also the author of The Violin Man’s Legacy, his self-published debut crime thriller that’s been selling like hotcakes in the UK since July 2011. The book’s plot revolves around three ex-SAS (part of the UK’s special forces) guys going under the legal radar, using their black ops skills to hunt down a gang of diamond and gold thieves and murderers. The plot travels from Europe across to Hong Kong, and then to South America. There are ex-mercenaries, Chinese Triads, murders, robberies and enough sex to keep it boiling along.

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ABU DHABI WEEK (published: 21 September 2011)

Area resident hits it big on Kindle

By: Laura Fulton

When Seumas Gallacher sat down to fulfil his lifelong dream of writing a crime thriller novel, his only goals were to prove to himself that he could rise to the challenge and to have a good time doing it. Three years later, the seven-year resident of Abu Dhabi is listed among Amazon UK’s best sellers and no one is more surprised than the author himself. 

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11 responses to “Nice Folks Sayin’ About me…

  1. It’s clear to me that publishers don’t have a perfect grip on the market. It’s been very interesting measuring the followers of Gutenberg against the real world.

    Bravo on following your dream and making it reality! t


  2. laurie27wsmith

    Hi Seumas, saw you on Morgen’s blog and liked your style. I’m looking forward to following your blog.


    • ..hi , Laurie,, thanks, chief, am following back on your blog too, my friend… powerful poem on the opening page, Sir! Have a great week … :):)


      • laurie27wsmith

        Hi Seumas, there’s a lot to look at. Thanks for your comment, I’ve tried traditional poetry it doesn’t work for me. So I go for below the belt. 🙂


  3. Hi, Seumas! I always enjoy reading your blog! I have nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. Congratulations! For more information, if you choose to accept, check out my post here… (One Lovely Blog Award and Nominations). Thank you for sharing your blog, and best wishes in your writing journey! ~Barbara


  4. Yes. The books and blog-ul are generating joys and pleasant emotions.


  5. bjsscribbles

    Found your blog by chance and decided to follow


  6. Hi, Seumas! Just wanted to say thank you for the follow on my blog! I do appreciate it! As always, I look forward to reading yours! Wishing you a very Happy New Year! 🙂


  7. Sorry for the delay in responding to your lovely and inspiring award Seumas – I am finally caught up on a few things and this response was on the top of my list as a must do. Thank you again… hugs Sally

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