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…I’ll never forget old whatsisname?…and the art of giving…Angus Macintyre…#TBSU…

…they tell me ye can’t experience true spirituality unless ye can first embrace GRATITUDE...I’m not sparking on here about religion, by the way…if folks wanna indulge religion, that’s their business…let them get on with it…no, I’m harping at that sense of inner wellness…kinda the ‘being-at-peace-with-the-world’ and whatever foibles it throws up in the course of daily living…this old Jurassic’s no different from the majority of so-called ‘normal’ people (I don’t think I’ve ever met a ‘normal’ person in my life)…it’d be grand to have a mega-billion-winning lottery ticket…to swan around on luxury yachts and wave at people from the windows of a pink Rolls Royce…or p’raps bask in the glow of supra-bestselling iconic-author infamy…we can but dream, Mabel, we can but dream…the reality for 99.9999% of we common or garden hoi polloi is that mundanity seeps in everywhere..IF WE LET IT...there’s that wonderful ‘IF’…I apply an antidote learned from an inadvertent mentor from my callow-youth years…when I was in my mid-teens, my employer at the time was the mighty Clydesdale & North of Scotland Bank Limited (of whom the IMF said ‘Who?’)...in their wisdom they transferred this wee lad from the slums of dockland Govan in Glasgow to their branch at Tobermory, in the idyllic Isle of Mull in the Scottish Hebrides…what a seismic jolt that was…forlorn, lost, confused, hardly covered it…but salvation was at hand in the form of the branch manager, Angus Macintyre... a legend in his own way amongst the Highlanders of the day…the man was a cross between Einstein and Groucho Marx…over six feet tall, a Highland Games athletics champion in his youth…he easily filled the role of ‘my most unforgettable character’…the enduring legacy he left with me borders on that ‘spiritual’ thing I tried to refer to above…the man had humour in abundance…the droll, Scottish, dry-witted type that makes ye think ‘I wish I’d thought of that’…but even more than that, Angus was possessed of the biggest heart I’ve ever known…no-one who crossed his ken was ever left not feeling the better for his words with them…the kinda man to whom ye would confess ye’d just blown up the tax office, and dreadful as that would be, he’d make ye think maybe it was the best thing ye ever did in yer life… that same generosity of spirit I’ve found in bushels her on the internet with the wonderful global writing family…ye all know whose yeez are…thank you all for you…Angus, this one’s for you …cheers ! 🙂

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