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…watch what yeez bid for in a charity auction in Hong Kong… yeez might end up in sumb’dy’s novel…

…so yeez have to ask yerselves… what do one of Hong Kong’s best Independent Financial Advisers and an Andy McNab special operations agent have in common?… they both rejoice in the name of Dino Zavagno… with a name like that, how much of a coincidence can that be?… well, I know the Financial Adviser lad, and despite the fact he supports a different football team to me (they all have their crosses to bear), he actually does a great job at keeping ol’ Jurassics like me on the right financial straight and narrow path… this other bloke, the special ops guy?… oh, yes, that… well when yeez sit in a charity auction in Hong Kong raising funds for the Help for Heroes Charity and the self-same top-line scribbler, Mister McNab, offers to feature yeez in his next novel as the auction prize, yer hand goes up quick as an AK47 chamber load… hence, Maestro McNab’s latest blockbuster, Silencer, has yer man Dino front and centre from the first few paragraphs…


…the intrepid hero, Zavagno, doubles as the Managing Director for Gladstone Morgan based out of Hong Kong… I’m still checking out the rumour that his office now has body-armoured secretaries and all sorts of James Bond-ish gadgetry to meet yeez at the front door… given the perils of slaloming through the financial markets these days, p’raps it’s an appropriate inference that there may well be more than just a touch of fiction about it all… I will draw the line however at meeting Agent Zavagno with both of us disguised as rickshaw pedlars… we quill-scrapers do have some dignity to preserve, yeez understand… anyway, hats off to Dino Zavagno for supporting the charity drive, (gonna embarrass him here!), with a heftily generous winning charity bid and for Mister McNab for casting him in his book (not a bad handle for an agent though, huh?..Dino Zavagno… I knew him when I was nuthin!)… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!




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