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…we happy Band of Bookly Brothers…once a scribbler always a scribbler…

…I first had the pleasure of meeting with Author Jim McAllister several years ago in one of Abu Dhabi’s swankier lunch eateries (none o’ yer McDonald’s fine dining for us, Mabel)… both being of Scottish genes, the elaborate performance about who paid the bill is still being talked about in hushed corridors… nonetheless, a few years elapsed, until this week, we were reunited, this time in Manama in Bahrain, in one of the city’s Costa Coffee outlets… how the mighty epicureans have fallen, eh?… never mind, regardless of the hoi polloi-ish surroundings, the occasion was NUTHIN short of glorious… plugging back in with old (I use the WURD advisedly) pals is always great fun, but more especially so when yeez are both writers… ‘way back then, I read and reviewed Jim’s tour de force, ‘ iNation, To Dry The Tears of a Billion Children’, (look for it under ‘James Mcallister’), and unashamedly I repeat it here…

…imagine a world conceived by George Orwell, Einstein, Groucho Marx, and Larry Flynt… throw in the realisation that the internet and all its spawn have deeply imbedded their irresistible tentacles into almost EVERY element of humanity, and how the world is run and controlled… introduce an ageing one-time rock star with the ultimate altruism as his grail.. to feed the world’s hungry… sprinkle in a young, sexy, one-time abused vamp with a genius IQ… line them up against the powers that be who manipulate the planet’s riches, economies, politics and even for many, LIFE itself… empower them with the capability of taking on and defeating these vested interests on a massive scale… and you have the guts of ‘iNation’… this is by far and away the most intriguing novel I’ve read for many years… it contains lots of direct and indirect ‘invented’ computer-related virtual existences, but even I, a confessed complete novice on all things to do with the internet and computers, enjoyed the narrative immensely… there’s Machiavellian conniving at the highest levels of governments… there’s enough sex to keep the steam high… the action flits in nano-seconds across continents, and into fortresses of protected artificial intelligence … the incredible becomes credible … reality merges with mirages … and all through, the author’s throw-away droll humour seeps everywhere… this novel is an astonishing, delightful, highly entertaining tour de force… treat yourself and grab a copy…
James McAllister, well what can be said about him? Difficult, awkward and a raving loony are just a few of the words used to describe him. Add in reclusive and argumentative and you have the complete picture.
His debut novel follows his empathy with the downtrodden of the world, although the detailed instructions on how to destroy the Catholic Church was described by the Pope as ‘a step too far’. The book ‘iNation’ is now on the curriculum in Quantico in the ‘Cyber Warfare Defense’ classes, although there is no record of the FBI buying a copy. His demands that the FBI pay the $7 download fee has gone unnoticed.In line with his atheist views he has completely ignored the call by the Geeks of the World to be their leader, quoting ‘it would just be another religion guys, but anyway you had me at ELHO’.

He is currently working on the second book of the iNation trilogy called ‘iNation and the Reason for the Meaning of Life’.

He lives in Dubai with his long suffering wife and a collection of self-portraits (described by Simon Schama as ‘ghastly’)

…treat yourselves by downloading a copy, Lads and Lassies of Blog Land… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!...



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…Some Inspiration to Create The Future…#TBSU…#BAT…

…great 2 minute clip here from my pal, Jim McAllister .. it’s all about CARPE DIEM…AND CARPE JUST ABOUT EVERY OTHER BLUUDY THING YE WANT !!!!! LUV THIS…


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…t’was a storm and darkly night…what?…Cliches?…Moi??…

…my brain is certainly acknowledged to be mangled beyond recovery by those nearest and dearest to me, (and by Matron, God bless her syringe)…but every now and then comes a pinpoint of light at the far, far, far, far, far end of that dark, dark, dark, dark tunnel of comprehension…in my opinion, I never, never, never, never, never overuse words…nor, it must be said, do I employ cliches at the drop of a hat, that straw that breaks the camel’s back, gilding the lily, overstepping the mark,  or overstaying my literary welcome…as I say, cliche-less to a fault…my writings exhibit flawless, unencumbered, free of, not laden with, burden-free of redundant use of language…Scribbling, scrawling, penning, scrivenering without the use of ‘-ing’ words at the beginn-ing of sentences is a hallmark of mine…well, I think you get the picture…I possess the uncanny ability to incorporate ALL of the weasel-word-y, appalling traits of the nouveau-novelist…however, all is not lost…that God of Authors who beams benignly over our collective dictionaries has presented me this week with access to something  I want to share with my fellow quill-scrapers…a friend of mine, Jim McAllister, (who’s almost finished his superb debut novel —-watch out for his name soon), sent me the link to a self-editing critique software programme called AutoCrit… It identifies all the cr*p exemplified above—-overuse of words, redundancies, cliches,  starting sentences with present participles,  grades the readability levels and so on…If I give my friends on here nothing else  for the rest of my writing career, please take this advice, buy and download this software NOW…you’ll be amazed at how instructive and helpful it is…I have spent the last week using AutoCrit on my Work in Progress for my upcoming third novel, SAVAGE PAYBACK, and am truly astounded at the improvements it’s made for me…AND NO, I’M NOT GETTING COMMISSIONS from AutoCrit for this shout out, they don’t even know I’m doing this…so, no bullsh*t, try it guys and gals …here’s the link  :


…now back to my meandering… where did I leave my participles, Matron…?


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