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…from the mouths and pens of babes… are they the youngest ever self-publishers?…

…this ol’ Jurassic has a vested interest in supporting the view that it matters not a jot how old yeez are when the scribbling bug strikes… admittedly the ‘how old yeez are’ was predicated toward the more senior/mature/ancients amongst we quill-scrapers… comes now my unbridled delight to introduce a pair of the youngest self-publishers I have ever encountered… and possibly the youngest pair across the globe to have that soubriquet… Ladeeeez and Gennnelmen, I give yeez the Misses, Pheobe Beckett-McInroy and Isabel Looby… hitting their writing prime straps at 9 years and 8 years of age respectively… look at the quality of their  cover art:

Cover-Once a boy won a race by Pheobe & Isabel.indd

…their initial literary masterpiece, Once a Boy Won a Race is available to buy on Amazon.uk and Amazon.com thus :



…here’s a sample of a recent review:

‘…5 out of 5 stars–A must buy for any parent, coach who works with children and teachers…

This book, written by two girls aged 8 and 9, is all about succeeding and not giving up. Its style is warm and its message is strong. I thoroughly recommend it for any parent and any teacher or carer who wishes to discuss the importance of setting goals and working at them whilst still enjoying the journey! As a Coach, educator and mother, I recommend this book unreservedly!…’
IMG_5875-Pheobe on left

…these modern day Jane Austens are in Year 4 at St. Christopher’s School in Bahrain, where the faculty, supported by the girls’ parents, are obviously putting some terrific creative seeds into the receptive minds of these two lovely young ladies… and here’s another beaut of a fact for yeez… they intend to direct their royalties toward children’s charities in Bahrain… when I hear of stuff like this, it gives me more than just a glimmer of hope that there IS sum’thing positive and good on this planet after all… in early course their book will also be available as an eBook on the Great God Amazon Kindle, at which time, I’ll be hammering yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land to dig in and show the LUV and solidarity of this great,universal, wunnerful diaspora of a writing family to possibly the youngest-ever coupla terrific AUTHORS, Pheobe and Isabel… see yeez later… LUV YEEZ!



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