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…the Guest Blog season continues to sparkle… insights from Author Lockie Young on how and why he writes what he does… #TBSU…

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Lockard Young

…I used to think myself a pretty broad-spectrum reader… any kinda JONGRR yeez mention, and I’d be yer man… not so, Mabel… through the happy circumstance of having invited all and any of yeez Lads and Lassies of Blog Land to come and Guest Blog, I’m discovering I’ve only scratched the surface on JONGRR indulgence… fr’example, today’s pal, Author Lockie Young (Sunday name, ‘Lockard’) delights with such an uncomplicated opener for his web… this is how yeez tell yer blog followers what ye’re about… enjoy…

…this is his entrée…

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My name is Ryan, and this is the story of how I discovered a legend, and the biggest secret of my entire life! Just after Christmas, I saw these weird tracks in the snow, so I just had to check them out. You won’t believe what I found!

Deep underground, in a hidden cavern, I met the best friend a guy could have. The coolest thing of all was we used real magic to talk. He told me all about his life, and why I had to keep his secret.

I know keeping secrets from my family is wrong, but this is different. I just can’t have my parents or my annoying older brother figuring out what’s hidden in the old chicken coop. If anyone finds out about this legend, he might disappear from the world forever.

About L.F. Young

L.F. YoungIn 1995, Lockard Young, started banging away at the computer, and before long he had completed five chapters of a book.

Because the characters were named after his children, he thought it fitting to read the tale to them.

Enthralled by the story, they demanded more and so Lockard wrote. The end result was a story entitled, Ryan’s Legend. A book was born, and so was a hobby.

A plumber by trade, Lockard lives with his wife in the countryside of rural New Brunswick. Currently, he is working on the sequel to Ryan’s Legend. In addition to a number of stories he has “in the works,” Lockard also has an impressive poetry collection, inspired by his trip to South Africa.

For more information on Lockard Young, please visit his website.

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