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…the vicarious pleasure of watching the Blogger’s trip through someone else’s eyes… Sheelah Turner, bus-lady… #TBSU…

…a recent acquisition to the writing family in Abu Dhabi, Sheelah Turner, is steadfastly putting together an intriguing account of the recent safari trip undertaken by herself and husband, Oyvind Helgerud… she eschews the normal taxi scrambling to get around the city, preferring to use a combination of the bus services here (which are of an excellent standard, by the way) to come meet me at my daily ‘writing office’, the exquisite lobby lounge of the Jumeirah Etihad Towers Hotel… her blog is up and running, and here’s her offering after our meeting today… continue to watch this space… 🙂

On the bus

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I am starting to enjoy the trip that I take whenever I meet up with Seumas – my mentor on writing this book. Engaging my travellers spirit, I venture out onto the bus system – to feel a part of the city, and watch the flow of people as they head out at the start of their day. A number of ladies are taking their children to school – the young children dressed in big eyes, broad smiles and colourful, oversized backpacks.  There are a few Muslim women aboard. Some are dressed in black abayas, beautifully embroidered in black thread along the edges. Their headscarfs are typically black, but occasionally colourful. But most ladies are dressed as I am – trousers and a top of sorts, heads uncovered. I change busses, onto a route that passes a number of hospitals and clinics. Many ladies on the bus are dressed in nurse scrubs – some yellow, some white, some green.

Seumas is interested in how the book is going. I almost feel sheepish when I tell him that the writing hasn’t progressed as much as I had hoped, but that I have been working hard on setting the new blog, and also tending to other activities. Some of the remaining sections of the book are – for me – the more difficult sections of the book, and I do feel like I have been employing avoidance techniques in the hope that somehow these sections will magically appear next time I open the computer!  I feel relieved – slightly – when he reminds me that the blog is an import part of the writing process. (Thank goodness!)

And so, our discussion today turns towards one aspect of the book that I am finding most difficult – the top and tail.  While the middle part of the book is flowing reasonably well, the beginning and end feel somewhat elusive: stilted, not yet revealing themselves, without form. We chat about some interesting ideas, and Seumas plants a few seeds in my mind.  Viking Explorer and I have some (more) thinking to do.

All too quickly, our time is done. Seumas has things to do, and my laptop battery has died.  On the bus ride back, I hardly notice my fellow bus users, I hardly notice the city passing the window outside. I stand, clinging to the yellow poles while my mind is alive!

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…a new Author friend comes calling… meet Sheelah Turner… #TBSU…

…sum’times, yeez have to wonder if all of these twenty-seven billion gazillion people on the Web actually exist… so, every now and then, it’s good to meet face to face with a ‘connection’, ‘friend’, ‘name’ from the ether, that up until now has only been a  ‘communication link’… this morning in Abu Dhabi (not too many of yeez drop in for a coffee and croissant here), I met the delightful Sheelah Turner, who, with her husband, Oyvind Helgerud recently completed a transcontinental odyssey on wheels starting in Europe and weaving their way across Africa, reaching parts that other people never reach… in due course, their travels, travails, tributes and tribulations will grace a much-awaited book… not yer usual run-of-the-mill travelogue, Mabel… but a fascinating fifteen-month journey of exploration… an exploration of more than the mere geography of a continent, but an engrossing compendium of personal discovery… like many of us, Sheelah and Oyvind were salaried servants to the Great God Give-Me-A-Career-And-A-Paycheck-And-Let-Me-Have-A-Life… then one fine day, just like that, they decided ‘living’ has more to offer, and so their odyssey was born… I’ll leave that as a teaser for yeez, but watch this space for news of progress in getting their written WURD out there… on a personal note, it’s such a buzz to sit and swap Literary War Stories with others from this great quill-scraping family… sharing the ‘hows’, the ‘whys’, the ‘why-nots’ of this hypnotic roller-coaster self-publishing gig… it’s as much fun as yeez can have with yer clothes on… in the meantime, check out Sheelah and Oyvind’s blog on :


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