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…well. they will when I’ve finished …

My favourite funny man of all time is the Scots comedian, Billy Connolly…I can watch re-runs of his tapes endlessly and still he makes me laugh…One of the many good things I learned from him is that it’s okay to quote stuff from other people, just so long as you give credit where it’s due…with that in mind, the following little story comes, not from me, but I heard it a while back from someone else, whose name has long since gone from my feeble memory…however, the story involves a class of six year olds who’ve been asked to draw anything they feel like drawing…halfway through, the teacher asks one of the little girls, “What’re you drawing, Maisie?”…Maisie replies “I’m drawing God.” “Oh, my,” says the teacher,”how can you draw God when no-one knows what He looks like?” Unperturbed, Maisie responds, “Well, they will when I’ve finished”… I love that story, and it underlines a bit of my own emerging philosophy in writing novels…”How will we know when it’s done..” WE JUST DO. How often it is that I’ve seen writers share about the angst and mental tussle on what to put in and what to leave out, to get THE THING done…Listen to Maisie… you will know when it’s finished, then stop. Another item I’ve pinched from somewhere unremembered is about a young man writing a letter home to his mother, ..”Dear Mom, please excuse the 20 pages— I didn’t have time to write a 1-page letter.” … That’s all about editing, isn’t it? The real tough work is getting the mammoth tome into merely a huge tome, before realizing that the slimming course for the book really takes several iterations…how often we look for perfection, and therein can lie a Catch-22…try this other stolen story… a young priest ducks out from taking church service one sunday morning to go play golf, on his own…during the round, he scores a hole-in-one, not once but twice in his round…The Archangel Gabriel says to God,”Isn’t that a bit off, boss,–he’s playing truant from serving the church and you’ve let him score two aces…shouldn’t you be punishing him instead?”..”Oh, but I am punishing him, Gabby,…who’s he gonna be able to tell ?”…Beware the quest for perfection…Now, that’s enuff philossoffy for one post…time for my meds and into my jim-jams, here comes Matron…see you later ..


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